Exomind, not Second Brain -- Disambiguating Personal Information Management High-Level Nomenclature

Personal Information Management - the field of study
Personal Information Manager - an application software
Personal Information Management System (PIMS) - a system for managing an individual's information
Exomind - an individual's PIMS and the personal info it contains. Not merely situated cognition. Related.

Personal Knowledge Management - a subset of Personal Information Management focused on reference material rather than e.g. executive decisionmaking
Personal Knowledge Management System - a method such as Zettelkasten but not GTD, which is executive.

Knowledge Base - A truth repository conveniently structured for use by machine or human reasoning; not a database
Personal Knowledge Base - e.g. wiki, Zettelkasten, etc

Brain–computer interface (BCI) - a direct communication pathway between an enhanced or wired brain and an external device.
Exobrain - the external device that a BCI connects to

Second Brain - a popular misnomer for exomind. Bound for obsolescence once real second brains exist, whether wetware or hardware.

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