Detecting rancid Soylent | 6-year expired Soylent 1.5 Original

For a few months, I've been eating Soylent years past its expiration date, and finally hit a bad bag.

I eat 1 scoop (250 calories, 112 ml) per pitcher, about 1.5 pitchers per day. Basically, it's drinking water with vitamins.

My Soylent is version 1.5 and expired in 2016-07. It was stored carelessly in a subtropical climate with intermittent air-conditioning.

The unspoiled bags are compacted solid, and must be laboriously pounded and worked to open without spilling. The best way to open them is to let in a little air with a tiny cut, then move the rest of the Soylent out of the zipper zone. Do this at a sink because some puffs of powder may escape.

I noticed something odd when I first opened the spoiled bag. It was already a loose powder, not compacted, and had excess air. Therefore I suspect a tiny air leak caused the bag to spoil.

I drink Soylent plain. I noted an odd, slightly unpleasant taste when I drank the rancid batch. At first I blamed inadequate stirring. Better shaking did mask the undertone, but not entirely.

The smell of the spoiled bag was also a bit darker or more mature than the good bags. Nothing overtly unpleasant. The signs were mild enough that I finished most of the 1-scoop pitcher before discarding it.

The results were fatigue over a couple of days. Definitely not worth drinking. Rancid oil from oxygen exposure is likely to blame.

The best way to confirm a bag is spoiled is to open another bag and compare the smells of the two bags. The good bag should smell as Soylent usually does: innocent, slightly like warm bread, and faint.

In general, I'm delighted with Soylent. I find Soylent's recommendation true: If it smells even slightly off, discard it. I wouldn't say the bag smelled off, but it did smell different than a normal bag. So use the comparison trick to judge.

Having experienced spoiled Soylent, I'm now confident that the expired Soylent I'm eating is not spoiled, which is nice to know. Others at r/Soylent confirm that drinking "expired" Soylent powder is usually safe. 6 years past expiry is a bit on the long side, but probably not a record.

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