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In Cyborganize, org-roam can be a T2 or T1 Pubmind. For example, a sci-fi author might use it for world-building notes for his novel. That would be a private T2 ZK.

On a computer, a Zettelkasten is always a Pubmind. Both word processors and wikis are closer to publishing than are text editors. The former are closer due to specializing in printed presentation, and the latter are closer due to a schema designed for online reader convenience.

ZK is not exactly a wiki, of course. But its original purpose of reshuffling polished fragments to make interesting academic papers is unmistakably a Pubmind T2 function.

The only medium in which a Zettelkasten can be a Textmind is physical paper. Then the notecards are the same as a text editor's files, because the "text editor" is a physics engine containing your hands plus office supplies.

Even then, a ZK is not sufficient, because Textmind also includes a chronological "rambling" journal.

To return to the hypothetical sci-fi author: He should write his rough drafts in Textmind and post them to a T3 private blog. Otherwise, if he writes them directly into his T2 ZK, he'll make a terrible mess. Mixing quality T2 posts with haphazard T3 trash makes for a difficult workflow. One ought not piss in aged whiskey.

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