Critiquing Tiago Forte's Praxis book 1 --Cyborganize vs BaSB -- Progressive Summarization

quotes from
Tiago Forte. “Design Your Work: Praxis Volume 1.” Apple Books.

“In an economy where attention really is currency, the value of a note is based on how much attention has been invested in it.”

Obsolete labor theory of value.

Turns out he didn't mean attention, but processing passes refining and distilling the note, regardless of time spent.

Assuming one's algorithm for selecting notes for processing passes is sound, then recent passes will correlate with note value. BaSB lacks an algorithm to determine what note to process next.

Textmind has a defined daily processing loop. During execution, info retrieval is handled via a manual filing search that walks the directory tree in alphabetical order. This encounters high-level specifically-filed info first, and reaches low-level generically-filed background last.

“We gain tremendous value in condensing the Bible into the rule of thumb “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

False summary of the Bible, misses over half.

Re compression vs comprehensiveness:

“The way to balance these competing priorities is to:
Progressively summarize the most important points of a source in small stages (compression), and…
Preserve each of these stages in layers that can be peeled back on demand (comprehensiveness).”

Yes, but Textmind achieves this, and Tiago can't.

“In this system, I know that any source with notes attached is at Layer 1, any bolded parts indicate Layer 2, and any highlights indicate Layer 3. As long as I stay consistent with this much simpler and more natural system, I’ll know how much thinking has been done at any point in the future.”

Scales poorly compared to Textmind+Pubmind, which isn't confined by this three-tier limitation. Basic tool: treefactor-org-refactor-heading

Textmind is also VC-friendly and cross-format because it doesn't use manual bolding or highlighting until the Pubmind stage.

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