Creepy Sith Mantids lack social skills and mercy for humanity

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Corey Goode's omissions are the most interesting part of his oevre. He has mentioned and subsequently omitted two alien groups — one of whom he is still too traumatized to speak of, despite supposedly having been healed by an Anshar high priestess.

This group that terrifies him, that he mentioned early on and then never again, is the Mantises. And who might they be?

Praying Mantis Accounts - Part III | by Jim G. | Feb 12, 2006 | UFO BC

Sith Chimera Ant Mantids as advertised — now with creepy stop-motion head fixation!

Their retarded social skills are a natural consequence of decapitating the chads. (joke?)

Corey's tall tales are bullshit because they're implanted memories, probably crafted by tall grays with tilted eyes, who are Mantis hybrids and underlings.

Now we know who is pushing for maximum NWO depopulation. A proper villain sets the stage. I picture him meticulously devouring Captain Planet.

Like any good villain, he has a legitimate grievance. Lawns scythed, or humanity reaped! Let children learn wisdom by bothering bugs before handling mammals.

You may be wondering why such an advanced interstellar species can't do something as simple as keep an abductee unconscious for the duration. Firstly, they're using psi to suppress consciousness, not anesthetics, which could show on a toxicology screen. They're probably restricted in what drugs they can apply, either by the need for a semi-conscious patient to interact with psychically, or by the complex Legal restrictions that allow alien and paranormal factions to compete and coexist on Earth without starting a shooting war.

But mainly, it's because the Star Elder Council, who created Earth and humanity, is much stronger than the Fallen Archons, and disrupts their nefarious activities with various tricks that give humanity a chance to resist, while still respecting our free will. Waking up an abductee at an inconvenient time for an impromptu interview is one such method. Helping that abductee psychically discern the nature of the situation while his psychic abilities are switched on by the Fallen aliens manipulating him is another Star Elder trick.

This is why the ridiculous scenario of the vastly-superior Fallen alien fleeing from the confused half-awake human abductee is so common. The Fallen probably can't knock out the abductee again without doing Legally problematic damage. However, they have no problem applying overwhelming force if an abductee is foolish enough to physically attack. So don't try that, unless you want epilepsy.



@Koanic @PontificatorOMF Makes sense. Also they wouldn’t use drugs even if they could because those would be picked up by a simple drug test. I have wondered though if their PSI meddling still changes the abductee’s physiology during the event and then perhaps could have a residual effect post abduction.

Out of curiosity I performed a qualitative test of GHB, a sedative which your brain naturally produces in small amounts but is also in certain drugs. I was wondering if “their” psychic abilities would raise those levels. The tests did not reveal anything but being qualitative they may not have been sensitive enough. I also may have tested for the wrong molecule. 🤷🏻‍♀️

They have knocked me out to do medical operations or if they sense I will not be cooperative so they aren’t restricted. My feeling on all that is that they allow you to stay awake because it’s both a lot of work carrying an unconscious person and also the hybrid I deal with wants social interaction. Not that engaging if I’m unconscious.

also the hybrid I deal with wants social interaction.

Poor bastard.

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