It's time for COVIDiot science-deniers to face facts

What the COVIDiots don't get is that the Hubei CCP already tried its hardest to ignore the virus.  When that failed disastrously, they QUARANTINED A CITY OF 11 MILLION.  (New York has 8.4 million.)

The Wuhanese were NOT happy about this.  The authoritarian CCP hates civic unrest, because it threatens their survival.  They do not quarantine a city lightly.  If the CCP couldn't ignore COVID19, neither can your society.

COVID19 is a super-flu granny-slayer.  Deal with it.

That said, it's easily defeated.  Vitamin D, hydroxycholorquine, facemasks and self-quarantine go a long way.  Do your part by wearing a comfy bandana-like mask (called a neck gaiter) where you might cought or sneeze on strangers.

Masks improve herd immunity by reducing intensity of exposure, providing variolation.  Herd immunity reduces the justification for economy-destroying lockdown, saving many lives!

Dr Zoë Hyde
Oct 27
Study using actual #SARSCoV2, showing masks both prevent transmission and also protect uninfected people from inhaling the virus.
Both cotton and surgical masks blocked 50% of transmission, and even a cotton mask was able to reduce uptake by 20-40%.


How bad is COVID-19, exactly?  It depends.  One can argue about IFR and CFR all day long.  But the fact remains that COVID-19 has replaced the flu, proving it is a superior virus.  (Infection with flu tends to inoculate against non-flu respiratory virii, and vice versa.)

Even if you think COVID-19 is completely fake, the flu still kills plenty of grannies, and a facemask in public still saves lives.  Don't be an asshole.

Speaking of assholes, WASH YOUR HANDS AFTER USING THE CRAPPER.  COVID-19 spreads especially via orofecal… which explains why low-hygiene countries such as China are so hard-hit.

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