Corey Goode's Moon's origin myth is obviously false, meaning his tales are Gray disinfo

SSP Alliance Update 8: The Awakening of the Old Gods from Stasis Chambers, by Corey Goode

Corey claims: Earth's current Moon originally orbited Maldek.

My rebuttal: The Moon is obviously artificially built and placed as a sign to observers on Earth's surface. Therefore it never orbited Maldek.

That's not a moon… | Amazon review of "Who Built the Moon?" by Christopher Knight

Sasquatch Elder Kamooh gives the correct origin of our Moon in Sunbow's book, "The Sasquatch Message to Humanity: Conversations with Elder Kamooh". It explains that the Moon was built by the Ant People as a refuge after they lost a war against the Lower Lords – the same Lower Lords who now wish to enslave humanity and transform us into cyborg servants of the AI God. The Moon is a warning, bone white.

I'm unhappy to find this inaccuracy in the SSPA's reporting, at a time when it urges us to ignore other news sources. I posted this objection repeatedly on Corey's platform, and received no explanation:

I am forced to conclude that Corey Goode is, although personally genuine, being mislead by his sources.

Sasquatch's chronology of Earth's moons is tricky, with a total count of four: the naturally formed moon, destroyed in the Ant People vs Archon wars; our current artificial eclipse moon; a "Death Star" metallic assault moon from Maldek that crashed, ending the dinosaurs; and the Bird People artificial moon, that was banished to a solar orbit, becoming Nibiru.

Corey has also denied Nibiru. It is preposterous that spacefaring races in our solar system would be generally unaware of Nibiru, which more or less rules Earth, according to Yajweh and Sasquatch. Therefore Corey is at minimum getting his info from an alternative timeline, if not a fictional one.

Who is behind Corey's fiction? The Insectoid Grays are the most well-known alien variant, and were responsible for Akhenaten. They are a collectivist hive mind without individuality or negative emotions. Their influence on humanity continues via Communism (says Yajweh) and, I suspect, Ra's Law of One. Since Corey continues the Ra LoO lineage, the Grays are his logical backers.

Yajweh describes the Grays as the biggest liars in the galaxy, spreading deception on Earth for no discernible motive but attention. There is a method to their madness: Weakening humanity for assimilation and dispossession of Earth, whose oceans the Grays covet and already inhabit.

By indoctrinating themselves in the Law of One, Corey's students prepare themselves spiritually for assimilation into the Zeta Collective.

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