Constitution fetishism is worse than Satanism, because it leads to nuclear war instigated by The View.

The amended Constitution alone is sufficient to bathe the world in nuclear fire, by allowing women and blacks to vote. This clip from The View underlines how blase these hags are about provoking Russia. Women pick fights then hide behind men.

Ukrainian President Zelensky Hailed As Hero | The View | YouTube

The View is aptly named. Between them, they can only manage one view, and it's not even theirs.

Clash of the Titans (2010) - Stygian Witches and the Eye Scene (5/10) | Movieclips

The Jew View, by the Hag Crew: Poisoning the Sisterhood Stew.

Did we already forget about "no more wars for Israel"? Apparently so, since Biden's cabinet is Jewish. If they were North Korean, would it be OK to notice?

Constitutionalists could achieve a better result by literally worshiping Satan, who wants an inhabited Earth to rule.

Naive Chaotic Good is the most dangerous corner of the alignment chart, because it doesn't stop at the cautionary warning of personal pain. Despite their superficial legalism as Constitution fetishists, Constitutionalists are rebels against Natural Law who seek to overturn the racial and gender hierarchies, which is bio-Communism. They might as well seek to "liberate" children from parents, like the pedophiles do.

Constitutionalism is currently a useful Schelling point for patriots to prosecute overreaching Bolsheviks, but never trust a Menshevik.

The best solution is to constantly remind them that at least undead vampire lords would keep some human cattle alive on the surface, unlike them.

Honestly, it is appalling I even need to say this. Does anyone think it would be a good idea to give Haiti 13% of the US nuclear arsenal? Then why is it a good idea to give African-Americans 13% of the vote? They can't handle firearms responsibly, much less WMDs.

Similarly, women who have never been in a fight and are optimized for infant bonding cannot rationally participate in a geopolitical contest with ruthless kings such as Putin and Xi. It would be less destructive to simply surrender to one of them, in exchange for favorable terms.

If you think I am exaggerating or being ironic, look at a map of NATO expansion into the former USSR, and listen to what Russian top statesmen have to say about it. Keywords: nuclear, WW3.

What I have said should be basic common sense accessible to anyone who has lived on a farm with animals. Yet it is bannable heresy on Reddit, and hotly controversial on c/TheDonald.

These bouts of collective insanity always resolve themselves, by a combination of internal collapse and external invasion. The West is currently experiencing both, and will obviously continue to decline, until it can distinguish between the functions of bull and cow again.

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