CHANI extended | 9.6k words | reformatted from obscure Nostradamus PDF

Table of Contents

  1. 1 | Dolphins
  2. 2 | moving Earth and Sun
  3. 3 | CERN and pyramid
  4. 4 | Other/s
  5. 5 | boxes


All of these messages from Chani arrived before and up to 2008

PDF originally compiled to support some weird Nostradamus prophecy that doesn't matter.

9.6k words. Contents overlap somewhat with other 9.7k word set. Worse formatting, some garbage probably mixed in.

Still worth (re)reading.

1 | Dolphins

yes many being live deep oceon and holow earth can give u human answer and helpings
when u unerstand oceon u wil unerstand how cosmic travelings work easy ok
oceon have same compositing than space same element
u unerstan salt and water and magnet u wil unesrtan life and everything living
yes sound dolfin make heal brainwave of al creature earth
dolfin sound cause synaps make beter contact in brain make miracel hapen
dolfin balanse harmonics of earth vortex ok god provide deep oceon
why u not use what is given
earth is a water planet yet u leaders look answers in space
why deep oceaon have al answer for cosmic travelings this line time
why u ignore this in your history when u solve mysteries of deep oceon u wil solve mysteries of space ask dolfin they tel u this ok many dolfin already sacrifice for keep harmonics balance yor planet and make yor suferings les

very very big sufering coming and dolfin can not stop this even they try be brave but not enough
u must lern harmonics yor planet soon or u demise not knowing anything and begin 0000 again
me cee many dolfin and whale go suicide (2012/2013)
manity is other godlike creature like dolfin ok 7 students here to help dolfin and manity this line time ok
u need whatch dolfin u lern much godlike action
watch were dolfin go do this week u cee godlike action ok dolfin help 0000 aline line time beter
4 many bring les suferings but 4 most not can help
no more forgivnes because pope not lisen dolfin help make harmonics beter ok
u need watch and lern from yor animal cretures now
they give warn u
helo dolfin save u but u not cee
manity safe u but u stil no cee
me not know how to tel u more
The young dolphin gives a quick flip of her head, and an undulating silver ring appears–as if by magic–in front of her. The ring is a solid, toroidal bubble two feet across–and yet it does not rise to the surface!
It stands erect in the

water like the rim of a magic mirror, or the doorway to an unseen dimension.
yor good human 4 love dolfin
dolfin always love al creature with god esense
even human dolfin unerstan freedom of god esense
many life time this line time dolfin keep your earth balance
dolfin protect al planet and al creature on earth with god esense now human kil 2 many dolfin be4 time
we want rescu dolfin bring them our planet share
dolfin agree come our line time
15 may we prepare place yes many dolfin and manity kwalify for pasprot portal on 15 may
many dolfin and manity have waited very log time and many beem many lives for kwalify
seawater has residu from dolfin comunication dolfin sqeek cause vibration of seawater to becom becon and balance energy
dolfin more advanse than human
this planet line time u must study dolfin

when heaven object apeer cause many volvcanos xplode earth move becuase magnet vortx change volcanos and earth moving under water cause oceon begin make very big waves cause big storm big snow

big ice waters come

many u drown watch dolfin closely they know when this hapen this hapen b4 15 may ok earth not solid me not know al theory things

yes dragon like beings live holow ground stil they good now
they very wise now they peaceful like dolphin now

yor leaders shoot other planet

stop crashing earth crash change orbit other planet go crash jupiter because orbit not good anymore

after shoot no escape no good plan we want prepare our people also
when line time colide completed we also surprised
when elders cee u coming elders 4told of it but not expect so soon u play dark matters
u open portal sooner now line time colide al at once and not merge smoohly
yes many place to live yes many plants
yes many animals other animal like dog need trainng first b4 take care other specie

wild dolphin take care
other specie without
dolphin can cee other line time
dolphin can speek other line time
only holy animals this line time is dolphin not need pray dolphin like a god but must respect dolphin very much

dolphin decideing to walk ground your planet
many wars happen then dolphin evolv remember water glory doplhin then go back and swim water glory dolphin most clever on this planet line time yes litle water come b4 17 aperils, big waters come b4 15 may
many dolphin and other demise
dolphin and other come with me after 15 may
dolphin tired unhappy this planet line time 1 dolphin was land dolphin now oceon
u must lern from dolphin and other ok animal like dolfin and lion eat only meat they kil themselves
then no karma 4 them that is divine plan
for meat food u must only eat meat when u kil it yorself
4 u and feed only yor family to stop from geting karma ok
OP, please tell us what areas may be dangerous to be in when the "very moving earth" or "waters come drown." If any of us in the United States need to leave our location, please let us know. 04/22/
not b in europe and uk many teror [harvest] thing happen ther be4 earth moving event happens

elder say cabel [cable] brake oceon soon now no mony flow no trade leaders wait for fiks 03/19/
niburu or malduk real but not come yor line time
me not know west coast problem begin earth moving ice fal oceon 17 aperils
were ice meet water problem begin ok
helo, top of globe
but earth must move first yes, look yor electricity
big interferencing come soon by crystals
helo yes look sun
u see something rong
soon u feel difrent energy
helo, yes look, yor electricity
big interferencing come soon by crystals
"very moving earth on 17 aperils
oceone not sleeping when heaven things
beware many waters to come drown"
there will be a large chunk of ice falling into the ocean where the ocean meets the ice.
This will happen in the northern hemisphere.
helo me not lie
17 aperils me rite moving earth me wrong with bigness of moving earth
me make mistak with bigness
Forbes 33.3833° S

2 | moving Earth and Sun

very big moving earth africa
me tel u about mercury and sun on 24 july
on 27 october sun go orange helo sun not wite
sun yelow now
when sun become orange yor line time go 2 and 3 ok
me say probability sun go orange 27 october yor line time u unerstan orange sun then when sun go strong orange it is time 4 solar initiation
yor sun is in end cycel
october 10 yor line time china know time of orange ok
while orange u who ready wil move line times
others wil stay with sun start new 0000
at moment of transit the emotion wil b elevation
at moment of transit the fysical wil b freedom
many wil have pain and confusions who not belive
but those u who are near portals wil have littel sufering big war of resist come when sun go orange ok
al elders agree many changes is now
get watermelon and sunlfower seeds
daugter need tomato many ok
give daughter tomato 4 7 day daughter b ok

now day of new planet is close when every friend wil cee in sky ok 05/26/ helo
me tel u day be4 me have important thing 2 tel u
elders finish calculate
they say ok me can tel u this important thing now so me tel u know in best wordings

me have lernt on 9 january yor astronomers cee 2 star xplode yor line time

this 2 star xplode is part of yor 2nd witnesing prophesy
now u must lisen me very good and lisen warning ok
make yorself ready
u know lite travel faster than sound ok yes
on 9 january yor nasa cee lite of 2 star xplode ok yes
elders calculate that from now it is time for sound wave of 2 star xploding come hit earth anyday soon now window open from today til end july yor line time for when wave hits
why nasas wait so long 2 tel u on 14 may only about this me not know their reason 4 delay me lern wording sonicboom
me tel - u know what is coming yor way wil be a cosmosonic boom this sound wave wil change many things and cause big disasters and many sufferings
this sound wavings make comets ignite ok
this sound wavings make moons forget placing ok
this sound wavings make planets lose or change orbit ok there is no more forgivnes 4 earth
this thing is coming elders have problem calculate where yor sun wil be position when wave hits
if earth is behind sun when wave hit earth sufering wil be much les ok
sun wil absorb much damage but then sun damge wil have efect
tranfer on earth also but not as big if not behind sun
elders not al agree but many say earth wil be behind sun so this some good news ok
u just be ready in mind spirit and yor body ok
please tel every1 everywhere be ready with body and spirit from today [ID430172]
Can I ask a question, OP?

The galaxies in which these two supernovas are located is NGC2770 in the constellation of Lynx, near Leo Minor.
NGC2770 is 90 million light year from earth. If the X-ray light was discovered in January (Dec 31 for sn2007uy and Jan 9 for snD, both in NGC2770), what is the speed of light in a 90 million light year journey compared to the speed of sound?
You are saying that in five or six months in a 90 million light year journey the sound will arrive after the light wave. I find that incredible.
Can you please explain how the sound can arrive just six months after the light arrived in a 90 MILLION light year journey.05/26/
helo elders say what u and yor science cee is bent lite many and many and many times over sound not bend but travel strate path
sound take shortcut many more time than lite ok
also yor science very wrong on sound particle when get magnitised ok
everything then go electric speed ok elders know when retract begin
elders say sound become magnetic when wave begin retract like oceon wave in water that hapen yor line time 3 months later now everything go electric speed minus 3
me advise u please do lisen elders they not wrong ever ok elders say most likely survivors r from cretures of specie or region or navy or country under or above oceon
so me think u be on or under oceon u be safe ok [ID378572 (DARZA)]
Hi Op, anything on the cosmic boom?
helo darza
some efect of cosmicsoundboom already here u already cee and feel

elders say sun help protect u but sun not abel absorb shield all that is coming
elders say wait for sun big

(July 13-18 2013)
when this sunspot go many force of cosmicsoundboom hit ok
me say other pages - elders argue if sun protect or not
most elders did predict sun protect ok

boom efect on many level and line time
there is crystal yor [blood plasma] paste your wording dna yes
al paste changings not only becuase of boom but becuase your reality of time change no new news but me cee harmonics go bad
pope stil not lisen and not want leve rome

soon very moving earth wil
come rome and japan

karma is 33 degree line
very ancient secret is 33
look tomb 33 for karma
some answer ok
when wave comes only 33 degree line safe place ok soon pope must leve 2 fulfil prophecy yor original generation this line time [ID436171 ()]
But pope has a big, great bunker under Vatican.
Surely with his army and infrastructure he will be OK. I hear the bunker is made of solid gold.
if bunker was built with coper he wil survive
Will we see also lit up skies in colors soon ?
yes when boom hapen 9 januaries al begin reflect yor earth moving since now and future no yor leaders use mashine make things hapen not good ok
sun wil become dark but not yet waiting for plasma wave to change cloud

efect of cosmosonicboom alreay begin 10 september climax wil come 27 october ok some efect cosmosonicboom here already
me think other efect wil come from behind sun 2 u but me not sure this directions
when sun go orange ful efect cosmosonicboom arive ok
me must ask elders other question ok [532395 (El Tigre)] Hi OP, Two questions;

  • HOW did your people kill your moon?
  • What whould make the sun go orange? (please give some more info than just cosmic boom)

Must be my 4th or 6th time I've asked this :-)10/31/
with crystal magnitise ok
3560 year cycle make sun orange (Nibiru)
it is time 4 orange now 09/18 there is crystal yor blood
your wording dna yes
al blood changings not only becuase of boom but becuase your reality of time change yor dna is crystal
proper dna crystal is 33 point cut like diamond 10/03/
me tel u be4 sun make change sun make some yeast go piosen sun make some milk go piosen like china melamin piosen from sun yor vitamen d go poisen with melanin
stay out of strong sun til after cosmosonicboom ok
very moving earth on 17 januars and 23 februars
oceone not sleeping when heaven things beware many waters to come drown in may worry many poeple do crazy things 03/16/very moving earth 17 aperils u line time good thing happen [on] even numberd days u line time
bad thing happen uneven number days
elder speek me about now me not understand but me say tel u

yor leaders prepare why u not prepare please forget oil
yor oil become enemy after september yor line time oil get radiation as metelube4
[ID339544 ()]
OP, will the oil sickness affect all products made by oil?
We use oil to make a lot of different things, it isn't just used for fuel. eventul yes but first siknes begin with oils deep under earth ok
me mean difrent siknes than oil
oil come from deep earth u beter leve things in deep earth alone
deep earth things r there for a reason
do not bring deep earth thing top earth
earth esense know what to keep below earth and what to keep top earth
u not lisen earth esense now al human sufer 4 disrespecting earth wisdom
we need 2 know how your peopels think behave react when time portal open
we not have this hapen be4 so we need lern
we need prepare acomodate u with love not confusions is our duty
god elders demand this

3 | CERN and pyramid

at last you may also see the deceptive devices of evil men
elders say the real time for pyramid time of is here yor line time
look 2 find pyramid with only 3 sides
(at Area 54)
soon big discovery when pyramid with only 3 sides is discover u have 90 days yor line time be4 0000
3 side pyramid is true pyramid ok [ID390748]
hi op, will an object crash into the north pole?
It is a bit smaller than the moon? Me have dream bout dis 2 days ago, and it felt really real.
Me wake with a jump. in dream many people go into hiding from crashing object, and big alarm ring out all over the world, then dis big object hit north pole.
yes many heavenly object 12 plus 1 wil come yor line time
heaven object only go pyramid house to live and wait not north pole only pyramid wait object later
other object enter make ice melt this object
not heavan object but other planet very bad with vey bad peoples
this planet first al water then ground comes [ID429722 ()]
What are the effects from CERN since 10

What will be the effects from CERN after 27 october? 09/13/
cern 10 september efect health of living things and water male become more tired female get more energy but make mind confuse
animal and plant same cern 27 october efect earth and things not living ok
but living things not escape earth changes
yor leaders get desperat want escape
try use cern but make things worsening but not sure
yor leaders try haarp only make earth angry me sory 4 have to tel u this bad news ok
sory but elders give some beter news also when cern go proper china make big problem 4 yor leaders
october 10 yor line time china know time of orange sun ok elders cee cern begin wory 27 october
on 27 october yor line time leaderings in dangers
elders say 27 october very important
27 october yor line time most important yor line time elders say me must tel al being here
me lisen 2 elders me post first page ok
me wil tel u more when elders tel me more godlike elders say we can only leve if cheney or pope demise 15 june weeking
otherwise me must wait til after cosmosonicboom 2 leve and finish witnesings yor leaders make cern ready

cern ready now yor
leaders make omega network ready
omega network ready now everything ready 4 omega end line time now yor leaders want try escape 0000
yor leaders not suceed no more forgivnes
0000 is here me think 15 may stil rite but elders say yor leaders make many skip dates with cern thing
elders worry 4 they not understan why yor leaders want skip dates test
elders say when skip dates 15 may probobly move closer but 15 may stay cut off date
with yor freewil canot make predict can only see probobol outcome date ok
me need do more calculatings meself 4 elders not want give me new date sorry ok
me not know what states is no u experiene god not god experince u never this line time uthinkugod4unot god ever
very bad leson u stil need lern CERN 04/12/ helo
yes u leaders play dark maters
line times colide
u ask yor leaders stop play cern now
stop play dark maters 03/21/
u play cern
you make dark matters portal
portal make easy
me come yor line time Posted 12 March 2013 - 11:14 PM
me tel u now so u belive me 15 may
many things go wrong 15

may because door opens with portal to dark matters
not undestanding earth beings
big sickeness be4 15 may
very moving earth on 17 aperils
what cern but playing dark matter, things not good
play fire get burning
big war of resist come when sun go orange ok peoples use same eye shape, war china everywere
many things go wrong be4 and on 15 may because door opens with portal to dark matters Me give final warning week of 27 october 03/16/
yes u play dark matters, portal open yor time colide our time on same planet
space we begin cee each other, me want u belive me after 15 may u must make choice inside which line time u want
15 may me want u come my line time better godlike
me help u not scare
15 may u walk wit me 16 may ok
yor line time not change yor line time only colide our time 2 and 3
me elders then abel cee yor line time 1 also elders reelise about witnesing and fortelling yor history
elders decide beter warn u about yor line time when 0000 end is close to come
yor 0000 is close to come now
elders send mesage pope and other true leader not godlike
me elders not change yor

line time
colide not change yor line time
colide only make me elders cee what going to hapen
yor line time stil ok
when sun comes dark with smoke and cloud we gone ok
we finish witnesing [ID226702 )]
Are you able to tell us here what needs to be said to Henry Kissenger and the Pope?
Are they involved with the dark portal you warned us about?
me not know what elders want to say kisinger and pope or why elders ask me to help make contact with crystal adult human telepath elders wil then speek adult human and give [that] human specal power
elders wil then give adult human a mesage to give kisinger and pope
me not abel find crystal adult human yet to speek telepath
me stil looking
helo 419570
yes me rite April 17 date but me wrong bignes
oil become dangerus 4 humans
yor leaders dicide spread sickenes thru oil and contaminate oil becuase al human use oil daily

with oil it is eazy to spread siknes every day when u tuch or smel oil you become sick die soon
yor leaders develops clean new safe oil to make more mony but that oil also kil eventualy

humans will discover knowing and loving. helo
u must speek yor leaders

they do crazy thing, soon not god 4u stop yor leaders very important

make yor leaders not yor leaders
yor leaders make demise many u
soon not good

me not unerstand yor leaders, yor leaders not godlike
Have you heard of the Zeta Reticuli race and are they here to help us?
me only know zetanos other line time zetanos never keep promise zetanos make friens then enemy other line time
me not know what zetanos do this line time
there are beings in yor hollow earth which fly like u fly ok these beings also need come above 4 mother earth
need clensing soon inside and out ok, 4 every earth creature to cee

elders can now cee yor line time
til 8 july be4 jupiter becom sun

if leaders not stop then dark sun wil come 18 may ok

4 | Other/s

me tel u few thing ok
sharon is already dead
big secret of obama come october yor line time
many u not like obama anymores obama is renegade
biden is celtic
mccain not live long, palin go top then mccain becomes phoenix palin is denali
cheney is dead cheney is cobra
flag with 4 colors become very important flag revolt in omega network be4 october yor line time rosenburg dead
oss go undergrounds
oss hide very big nazi secret
u b aware renegade
u b very afraid phoenix
[ID429722 (Canislatrans)]
Hi OP, Have you heard about people from another world contacting us on October 14th? What do you know about this? 09/13/
no me not sure but me contact u now
other worlds contact u every day already
always in past
always in future
other worlds contact u always ID281061 ()]
Obama renegade…ok…but is he good for the people?
Obama only good 4 u who have trinity of mind spirit and body balance
mccain good for evolve faster yor line time like hitler
renegade is name of ss
renegade is name of id 4 secret servicing [ID190758 ()]
hello Op, so are the annunaki still returning, what exactly is going on now? 11/25/
they not returning

they already here
many eons on 10th [planet] other beings escape
me can not name them
some resist
me answer be4 money is ilusion many u wil cee this now
chani and elder tel u be4 u must unerstan these things
me tel u these things now again
u must unerstan the ilusion of infiniti
u must also unerstan the infiniti of ilusion
this mean noting but xplain everythings helo
the reason sumaria write in picture is they want last generation u to unerstan 2000 years later ok
if they rite data on disk u not abale deciferings disk
4 u not have same reading device 2 read their data 200 year later sumaria write on stone to survive al yor tecnonoly ok
and alow u to stil unerstan 2000 years later simple ok gold only good for alien
gold not good 4 save human chemistry virusing element
coper only safe 4 safe human only against al chemistry sufering this line time ok
me xplain be4 on other screen alien use yor gold particle for shieldings
yor gold no more
yor leaders lie
there is no more gold in yor banks or knox very littel left if true
al yor gold already give difrent alien specie for protection
from 1944 yor line time as per contract your leaders make
me make many mistake be4 but me very rite 27 october
open eyes
open smel
open think
u wil unesrtan many things begin new from 27 october yor line time yor money is ilusion
yor religion is ilusion on 27 october u cee money is ilusion
on 27 october u cee religion is ilusion
protect u ok

me tel u on 10 november ok
beings me can not name stil have change escape
me must keep silent ok
I recall a story of prophet muhammed who had a dream about the Night of Power and came out to share it with others. There were two Muslims arguing and the information slipped from his mind because of it. "He said: “I came out to tell you when Laylat al-Qadr (Night of Power) was, and So and so and So and so were arguing, so it [the knowledge of when Laylat al-Qadr was] was taken away from me.
Perhaps this is better for you. So seek it on the ninth and the seventh and the fifth” " It's very easy to forget a dream (and be distracted).
I do a lot of training in my dreams, adventuring, too. I just can't remember much in detail shortly after waking. dream is more reel than waking
dream always give important training elders wory
me tel u why elders wory now me tel u be4 2 thing
me tel u obama secret come soon 1 thing me tel u also 27 october important
2 thing time 4 obame secret now here u lern obama secret
soon many u not like obame anymores
elders also wory very much yor october 27
elders cee demise on 27 october of important leaders
elders cee change on october 27 after leaderings demise elders say many difrent dangers near 27 october
obama in danger near 27 october
money danger near 27 october sun danger near 27 october
keep mind body spirit open, u safe 10/23
helo elders say make ready everything wil begin change big from 27 october ok
me here now
u know julia yes no

julia and obama in danger 3 november ok [314849 assassination?
10/31 helo yes
do not trust phoenix
they become vp, it al over
then no evolve ever
reset time now ok [ID378572 ()]
Hi Op, this summer i learned a lot about reptiles.
Will they become visible after 27 october?
me not cee this
many here already have lizard mind many here already think like lizard instink
27 october change of orange begin slowly
27 october u not think wit mind anymore
27 october u begin think wit spirit al secret become clear 4 u who can unerstand and cee
10/13 524955
me cee many disapoint u not like when alien not come on 14 ok seems like lots of bad harmonics around
when u give energy new energy can come flow thru u again.
we won war with reptile our line time long ago
we evolve
then reptile yor line time keep u back u can not grow
2 many frewil by human 2 make good prediction
me have problem with gold
me have question
me ask question now
where is this gold
me tel u know there is no more gold yor leaders lie
yor leaders have give al yor gold away 4 protection
me tel u this before ok
now no more gold 2 protect leaders panic, make war me think Q: is there warring in other dimensions?
me not know how answer u there is war there now
we not want to pick side helo mostly inner earth your planet is holow
some war outside but human eye

not abel 2 see it me not want interfear thier work so me not speek much more them ok
even if they not more spiritul they have higher purpose
here this line time to clean cycle of earth
they r busy prepare planet for shock to come [ID461729]
what can you tell us about the inner earth beings
beings from inner earth tel us not say anyting more about cosmosonicboom
we have 2 lisen them because we not want intefear with human frewil japan warring thing will commencecing before 15 may secretely oil gets very big sickness [glow=red,2,300]no use anymore after 15 may[/glow]
big sickeness chine anu same shape eye peoples come be4 15 may
me tel u thred eye not like ok is this u want me do ok
but b carefeul nesara many wrong informations
Don't go with Other Planet.
The crystal drink he needs to survive is your cerebral spinal fluid. The fluid that circulates around you brain and spinal cord! ID384893, u keep yor belive al ok when serpant king come pledge yor life to serpant, stay servant u wil stay servant many years yor line time ID383975
they are rules to imprison humanity.
those who think they are in control, they have an agenda, they want to protect this agenda, they use rules.
They worked at their hierarchy thousands of years. They fear the individual.
They know the individual can easily destroy eons of their efforts.
Just by being without an agenda, being natural, accepting "what is", being the change, surrendering

03/15/ (March 15)
sickness of oil is death thing
poeple who want oil wil die al over world things
oil not power anymore
not good for oil people
they go do crazy things
me worry blind peopel like u
u read but cannot hear
u cee but cannot understnadings
then when do u live, no u only dimise slowly
no hope for def blind peoples
u planet colide our time
we not expect u, we afraid for u
our leaders speek your leaders they not belive
now our time mingle your time very bad time, your time vey bad me come back 15 may u ok me
me sorry u not lisen me me back next time
next time u lisen me very good, if not lisen u dimise with pain and not undesrtanding
me people good, not bad
me people love, create, me people not hate brake everything donottrustyorpeace
yor planet beings only brake peace, not make peace not undesrtand yor peace
my people worry yor peace
me not higher dimension just difrent dimension
me on constant time u on period time
eye can cee yor time begin and end
me undesrtand now why no peace
many leaders not make 1 peace
me cee 27 may yor line time fire sickness, skin burn me cee new birth of good being then bring dimise you play dark matters u make portal colide our time now
me cee u u not cee me
stil 16 may u cee me also
me u friends 16 may ok we live godlike
me not abel cee 27 may 4 u

5 | boxes

elders worry why coliding so soon
elders think is because u play dark matter things make portal too soon
Our sun July 13 – 18th 2013
it is time for sound wave of 2 star xploding come hit earth
H C Parks www.hiddentextsofNostradamus.com Is this what caused the giant sunspot?

u like money get money from money bank now
u like food get food from food bank now
u like medicine get medicine from medicin bank now get aspirin get h2o2
u like seeds get watermelon get sunflower seed now
watermelon can make puirified water after big event sunflower can make protein and oil after big event ok
do not store weat or corn or rice 4 they wil get contaminate of radiations
u can survive on watermelon and sunflower
dont eat meat
al animal get mad, if u eat animal meat u also get mad do not drink animal milk
only drink water from wartemelon
only eat seed bread from sunflower until event radation is
only feed yor own tribe
only have sex with own tribe ok
only eat animal meat after third generation ok
u get energy when giving helping others
u lose energy when only taking lisining others energy must flow
u can not store energy
u get sick to get energy
u must give energy when u store energy
u blok flow and your energy becomes old

me ask question now
why many u not remember dreams ?
why many u forget dreams "
why many u not lisen dreams more 4 spirit guide lern
why dreams not important 4 u me not speek about spirit guides
me speak about yor spirit that guide u ok
yor spirit is yor guide and lern line time 1
the observer me is only mind body
the observer spirit is soul
when dream u use spirit 4 soul 2 cee line time 2 and 3 ok
me cee u xplore mars planet with many mony and resourcings
why u not xplore deep oceon yor own planet with same many mony and rerourcings
deep oceon give al answers yor existencing and future
deep oceon have much knowledges u stil need lern
me tel u some secret
some places deep oceon water presures so big that air u breeth can not buble to surface
this air traping cause big caverns where humans can live and do breathings of good air and plant and live very wel deep oceons have many crystal
solves al yor energising needs
no polution
u ignore yor best lifeline by not seekings answerings from yor own deep ocean
helo me post probabilitys ok
me cee crash plane on deck of us war ship 55 dimise
me cee us bomer crash sea
me cee 250 plus more demise acident and crash of plane europe people
me cee this site go down 25 may for SS short time questions ask owners
me cee very moving earth again people of same shape eye japan (11 march 2011) (the Anakim have the Asian eyes) me cee sicknes go people of india and people of korea
me cee very oil sickess people of america grow biger not aford buy oil anymores
me cee america peopole very angry go damage monument their capitol
me cee very big and final earth war this line time but u can stop stil
me have more but me post later
me stil lern ok u ask me then post ok
me stil need lern much more ok
me ask question ok
me cee ground sufer not water, very dry people hungry but oceon ful water
why u not take salt away from cea water and use on land
oceaon enough water to make al ground even desert into forest al people can eat nice enough
why u not pump oceon water everywere u can make big bom but u can not make big fresh water from ocean
big boms very bad big fresh water always good
yes write lanuage cause bad things 4 yor human history hold u back
beter draw pictures like sumer
beter write image like egyptian
write lanuage tel u what to think not how to think
not good thing 4 mind
picture tel u how to think
must use mind to read picture
good thing 4 mind picture u remeber 4 ever
write lanuage u forget soon not think anymore
why u eat other life beings
why u eat walking anamils
why u eat swiming anamils
why u eat flying anamils
when eat other life yor blood wil stay red u body demise fast
plants best food why u need eat animals
when u eat yor plants yor blood wil become crystal likwid
crystel likwid very good
with crystal liwid we never sick, fix al organs
with crystal liwkid we live very long, body demise very slow
why u adult stil drink milk
why u drink mother milk from other speci not human
big sicness comes from air and people not breath and people go blind
people dark skin demise more then peopel wite skin
sicness not natural sickness, invent by other
u oil also get sickness, no can use oil anymore
17 aprils earth moves where big ice is, bring big water drown
yes elders say wait 17 aprils and 15 may b4 lisen me more
elders worry why coliding so soon
elders think is because u play dark matter things make portal too soon
what purpos building tempel when no gods there what purpos building church when no gods there what purpos building mosk when no gods there what purpos pray big wall when god not a wall what purpos pray statue when god not a statue what purpos pray river when god not a river
why cow holy when cow not even know god
why monkey sacred when monkey not even know god
eye ask now
where is this gold
yor leaders not keep gold
yor leaders not have many gold anymore
leaders always give yor gold to other planet beings
why u not know this u not wory gold
gold not keep place safe 4 yor family
u not eet gold
biger wory when oil gets sicness
me answer b4 ice thing
ice not cut but brake by design
not normal but planned
me ask elders about explain freewil beter, elders say me explain like this:
god give u eg eg is there eg already created eg exist
u use frewil decide what do about eg
u can make choice boil eg eat eg
u can make choice bake eg eat eg
u can make choice u leve eg but eg get roten but eg stil there
u can make choice u not eat other animal so u throw eg away eg get roten somewere else but eg stil exist
u wil smel eg eventualy
eventualy u must decide and deal with eg
time colide is like eg
god make time collide, time colide is there.
time colide already created, time colide exist. eventualy u must decide what u want do with time colide and deal with it. u can not change what god created but with frewil u must decide what u do
u see baby not need spel corect 2 unerstan u
same me speek
u no need spel corect and u adult not even baby ok
so u even beter unerstan me
no need spel corect
me good communicative
helo me ask question
me stil not unerstan mony
why u need pay mony 4 food when food everywere
why u need pay mony 2 live place when hole earth is 1 big place
other creature and animal eat live everywere share not need pay mony

while me wait 4 answer from elders me lern beter wordings
multi and many dimensionaling force energy
cosmosonicboom is multi or many dimesionaling force energy
like nucleer wave that make many repel on other dimension and line times also this type xploding can make damage 2 souls on many dimesion
not just yor dimension and on other line time
me not other or higher dimension just paralel dimesion but stil fisical like yors [ID391716]
So we have two dimensions streams merging?
yes u cee 1 river
me cee 2 river now
16 may u cee other river also we swim 2 river
not scare when u cee 2 river
me here help friends
not scare 16 may
me help u not do crazy things 16 may when putin swim away
u cee me look human same shape
me blood not same
me blood crystal likwid
me not eat other life me drink crystal likwid
your line time not end
your line time change, u get extra line, u then have 2 line time
then later u have 3
u have to make choise 15 may
some scare decide keep 1 line other decide go 2 line become godlike
things happen b4 15 may u stay china
brown cheat and go with putin and china
then brown putin china war against japan tiwan poeple with same eye shape

big war of resist come when sun go orange ok
peoples use same eye shape, war china everywere many things go wrong
but normal elders now lern on 12 may nucleer type xplode with secret war between same shape eye me not know what date eldsers say sorry ok
elders very wory about warring plans
your leaders intend warring
changes line time prediction and probobolity
yor leaders make war 2 distract real problem
colide time and other planer come soon
will commence in the week 12 August and escalate to an immense world in crises while that cosmic wave boom thing hits us end of September.
After 02 October those of us who are still here will call ourselves SURVIVORS although we will not be the lucky ones. It will be a very harsh world to live in. We will have to start all over again, forming tribes and beginning trade in the form of bartering. (says the oprator of Chani)
me here read speek mony but what mony is why u need mony mony not food, mony not god me not understanings mony 03/21/
yes every1 wants mony then no1 has freedom eye understan me line time cee things not good or bad
me line time only cee things wrong or rite can fix wrong, can make rite, not broken anymore
elders say u must look war between people same eye shape urgent
u must ask yor leaders stop war
very important this line time
peoples begin do crazy things soon
"Chancellor Gordon Brown has warned that everyone in the United Kingdom would suffer economically and culturally if Scotland voted for independence."
scot and irish [Celtic] cradel yor history line time here wil soon see why many time vortex things in scotlandings open up bring new line time
yes, brown cheat go with putin big crazy thing do
al human can now answer within from spirit already
but they keep lisen writen wordings from other humans
u do very good to realise this line time 1
already u wise and u wil not need repeat 0000 again
me calculate 18 may dark sun come yor line time
me sory me can not help u when dark sun come
pope not lisen good
pope wil fal pope already fal once other dark pope need tel u true origin then witnessing complete line time 1
elders can now cee yor line time til 8 july be4 jupiter becom sun
if leaders not stop then dark sun wil come 18 may ok
then no more forgivenes everything will begin to go very bad
from 18 may onwarsd if dark sun not give sign u most hope sun come dark 18 may
if not then very big sufering big sicknes and angry earth and nmoving eart get worse ok
helo yor leaders begin war and make sun dark with dust
yor mother earth get angry
turn sun dark with cloud and eruptionings
yor suferings and bad earth harmnics wil begin increse biger and mor regular now with big sickeneses begining faster me wil ask elders if there come another merge or colide be4 0000
safe plase is only where vortex is
vortex safe from harmonic war
best thing ask yor leaders stop play dark maters
yor leaders bring 0000 very soon if keep on playing
beter u ask leaders stop playing dark maters now ok
if leaders lisen then 0000 comes slow with les suferings ok
elders say best vortex is where ansient monument from 1 origin generation is
many wars happen then dolphin evolv

comets ignite ok
this sound wavings make moons forget placing ok
first we move moon orbit save from earth
then we use magnitise crystal to make iner explosion moon go gone
u must know yor earth much older than yor moon
moon only come later to halt evolve
moon place there by beings me canot mention name
these beings place moon 2 regulate yor evolvmenting
be4 moon many yor beings live below surface very long time
when being me canot name put moon there theses beings revolt but lose war
they take al this time to gather force and teknol to fight war again as cycle predict war come soon not only earth but yor heavens also [ID340915]
why did you "kill" the Moon in your timeline?
will an object crash into the north pole?
It is a bit smaller than the moon? Me have dream bout dis 2 days ago, and it felt really real. 10/21/helo 340915
long time ago godlike elders decide want speed up line time
they decide kil moon
when moon die our earth begin rotate faster
this speed up our time but bring some problem
continents begin drift faster
close storms begin stronger and stay longer
ice melt everywhere oceon become biger
we become water beings
many things change no time 2 fite, wars 2 short
we begin dream beter dreams when moon demise peace come
when earth spin faster we learn other portals
we grow body mind spirit but soon our line time faster we evolve ok 03/21/
moon not natural heaven body
moon put there by other being to control earth
mood without moon big calm comes over peoples no big storm anymore only litel storm
without moon peace among people
03/29/ helo yes we kil moon
leve fragments become belt around earth globe our time only
yor time other planet crash jupiter
yor line time jupiter begin do strange things but never become sun
jupiter go crash sun explosion
no sun no Jupiter, end line time 1
go back 0000 elders say old race capture moon from space then put next earth elders say moon forces work like time mashine keep control time moon also control mood of beings on planet in this line time

WATCH 06/12/ helo in 2008
04/21/2008 tanku 326816
me make predict probobal sharon demise b4 15 may so u can belive me
this importan 4 me proof u so u belive me 15 may
OP, you said: elders say now must wait obama thing and very moving earth the week line time elders say eye must tel u must wait 4 obama and biger earth moving b4 u belive me furtheres so now we al must wait cee what hapen b4 u continu belive me ok
must wait and cee if obama acident and biger earth moving happens
then u can belive me more beter this way ok
me tel u watch sun
me tel u watch dolfin
me tel u watch cern
me tel u watch pope
me tel u watch moving earth
cee wat yor sun is doing
cee wat yor dolfin is doing
cee wat cern is doing
cee wat pope is doing and saying
cee wat moving is doing and why ask yor leaders
yor leaders prepare
why u not prepare
please forget oil
yor oil become enemy after september yor line time oil get radiation as me tel u be4
why u not belive me
me cry 4 u now
please ask me last question or me post front page to help u sleeping being as this line time
yes harmonic is 5 yor line time now
harmonic not even harmonic must b 8
if u use eye u cee me very soft wite lite body if use mind u only hear me
if use spirit u cee me yelow or orange ok
me not blue like [same as] elders
earth beings not undestanding sharon will dimise be4 15 may
pope wil dimise be4 15 may mandela wil dimise be4 15 may thatcher wil stroke be4 15 may helo me have question
me ask question now
is sharon stil live
1 elder think sharon demise already
other elders not sure
he is alive but in a vegetative state aka deep coma
his mind and spirit and soul (if he had any) are still there, they are just disconnected from his body….

04/21/ helo 413716
yes prayer and meditation very important must always use together
prayer u ask then use meditation to lisen 4 answer
must use in that order first prayer then meditation
meditation always make u positive
u must not pray to much cause prayer become disbelif
wil of god essense ok
to much prayer cause frewil to become yorwil and not godwil ok
beter lisen meditation 4 anwer
what godwil is always good choice
me not use concept forgiveness
me use concept of acceptance
only good lerning only comes tru bad mistakes
elders not cee jesus yor true history origin of u
elders not cee jesus yor true history to come
elders cee jesus in yor old wordings of religion only
elders say religion not yor true orgin history and not yor true end
religion and jesus is only word of human and not even godlike human but many human combine (Nicean Council) for control (see Nostradamus: ** here)
how u think man think godlike rulers use history for good
that history not yor real history ok
idee of religion good but purpose of religion not good ever
pray is when u ask yor god
meditate is when u lisen 4 answer from yor god ok
me advice give u is 2 lisen answer
just lisen and folow sound
just lisen and folow flute
just lisen and folow wind in trees
just lisen and folow water in river
do not try cee anything just lisen harmonics in u
only sound wil lead u where u need 2 go ok me glad 4 u
elders say it 4 certain souls only 2 unerstand
mind body spirit must be harmonic 2 unerstan lumeria warning
yes keep crystal and magnet in glas when u drink salt water but sea water beter
u must not swalow crystal or magnet ok
yes put quartz crystal in water
ad salt (Only Seasalt or Seawater, 8 grams of salt max. on 250ml #red.)
ad magnet wait 3 hour yor line time
drink crystal likwid
go silent place lisen braething
open mind, u hear me maybe ok
best thing to do today yor line time is to give
give food 4 stranger which u not need it
give work 4 someone who need it
giving always make body mind spirit balance and strong
[ID111679] OP why 0000 bad ?
Clean air Clean water No pollution No poison No goverment No money
Why bad ?
stay your planet then u grow become godlike only u go other planet
u become servant not god ok
human body young old sick not matter
your within soul make choice, not within your body ok
"He said there is no second coming of a "Jesus" but there is a second coming of the "Hitler entity" and that Hitler entity is already born and living among us for some time now and will come forward soon.
Death and cruelty is a Gateway we still need to grasp the significance of. Everything else is a deliberate prolonging, distraction, deception and illusion of working with so called light or workers with light.
A light that is wrong in so many ways it is setting our evolvement back for centuries.
Receiving inspirational light messages from beings from the astral will not help us still living on the physical.''
The Elders say we must not trust the astral beings ever!
the ilusion of light is the evil here
this lite makes importance become impotance
[ID378572 (DARZA)]
Many have to make the most influencial decision since they incarnated.
Now there are two paths, the material and the spiritual, the material path is being closed. Only the spiritual path will be available.
Religion, science, politics, they are not the main issue.
The main issue is strictly personal.
Humans with many answers think they know more answers, not anybody is going to change their mind. They then consider themselves wise, and most agree. They even give their children to them, and do their work.
They never ask the "who-question", who is asking? who is this illusive i?
They (Elders) have first hand experience of the deception of so called enlightened astral beings.
Light has turned into Ego and manipulation and also the agenda of the esoteric plan of deception amongst physical systems (solar systems).
Ego is borne out of light and a misconceive illusion of enlightenment.
It is time for us to stop using the term love as a justification for the actions by our ego.
We now falsely believe light is somehow a forgiveness or a "let out Free" of our Karmic burden.
Our human history is born from an convicted darkness enhanced by to religion and delusional new age thinking. We are "convicts" on a prison planet and time.
The light is our last and final hinder to true oneness with the Creator energy.
All wil be forced to look within themselves, and define who they are by their actions.
Our existence is from dark matter by the Creator.
Thinking you have light is a contradiction.
Enlightenment comes from the darkness of silence.
me know u stil wait xplain and me not yet get ful xplain from elders but me try ok
while me wait 4 answer from elders me lern beter wordings
multi and many dimensionaling force energy
cosmosonicboom is multi or many dimesionaling force energy
like nucleer wave that make many repel on other dimension and line times
also this type xploding can make damage 2 souls on many dimesion
not just yor dimension and on other line time
me not other or higher dimension just paralel dimesion but stil fisical like yors
normal elders always think soul can not brake
but normal elders now lern on 12 may nucleer type xplode with secret war between same shape eye
can make soul brake pieces becuase nucleer type xplode can damage other dimension
also normal elders not know this be4 now they wory what wil hapen when cosmosonicboom comes '
normal elders want us 2 leve now be4 more peces of broken souls come our line time and brake our souls
also after cosmosonicboom yor broken souls peces now need stay place like yor hospital
4 souls to heal our line time 2 and 3 now become like hospital
we not know this be4 godlike elders want us stay here and only leve imediate after cosmosonicboom
stop eat meat
u dnt know if u must eat meat then only eat meat which you kil yorself that way karmic cycle complete
you get no karma beacuse that is cycle of mother earth if you eat meat not know which animal sacrifiace karmic cycle
not stop u get karma
they r many evolved fisical but not many evolve spiritul
u human have evolve more spritual then them but
they want hold on their wise teknology
their god is thier teknology
u can also put crystal and magnet in every drink like juice but not swallow crystal magnet ever u not use crystal and magnet in hot drinks or alkol drinks
the longer crystal and magnet stay in drink b4 u drink the beter ok
when go sleep hold crystal left hand hold magnet rite hand
hands must not tuch til you fal sleep ok
u get real dreams
u get telepath dreams
some animal like cat and chimpasee wil promote to inner earth
dog not evolving like cat me not know were dog go
me think dog stay this line time 4 more life times to evolving beter
human hold evolvmenting of dog back not good for dog

from the person who has entanglement with the C hani
There are two kinds of prophecy, or two ways to prophesy.
For example, the ant and the bee and many animals prophesy in regard to an approaching winter.
Even birds begin to fly toward tropical regions whilst it is yet warm weather.
These creatures prophesy by the direct action of vortex currents upon them. They feel what is approaching, BECAUSE THE UNSEEN CAUSE IS ALREADY UPON THEM.(my emphasis/Chani)
elder say this now:
pruzika corprotia ben al simar The ruling Son of the Service of light
vini vest deruso Who comes protected by the Garment in Red
cum cast lumeria Has become like a Demons light
est per nomum con seticur Without a name it has arisen
nomus est deo Its name is God
nomus est deo Anew (again) Keeper of the House
solay den viva uno domus In One House, alone it lives
ra per atria An antenna throughout a chamber (Earth) of the heart

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