Bootstrapping personal mobility and shelter

Everybody knows the official life path of, "Buy a house in the suburbs with two cars in the garage." Conventional wisdom often leaves much to be desired.

White flight is big business. Driving working and middle-class whites from suburb to city and back creates profitable real estate churn and useful political dynamics.

To adapt to anarcho-tyranny, whites must become increasingly mobile. They should imitate corporations, who negotiate favorable deals with states due to their ability to relocate. Reducing barriers to entry creates a competitive sovereignty market.

Therefore, this post describes a logical progression of capital purchases for individual mobility and shelter.

Footgear and camping backpack

Good shoes or boots and backpack-portable camping gear.

Include noise and light protection for sleeping in odd places, and something to keep the rain off.

Standing scooter

The disadvantage of rollerblades/skates is that (un)equipping takes too long.
The disadvantage of a skateboard is that it's bulky and easy to fall off of.

A standing scooter has a handlebar to prevent falling, and many fold compactly.

It's a good pavement transit option that's not too hard to carry.


A quick Google found this buying guide.

Don't forget cargo racks.

Sitting scooter or motorcycle or ATV/UTV or car

Electric scooters are great for medium-distance urban movement.

Upgrading to faster gas-powered motorcycles carries significant health risks. High-speed motorcycle accidents are gruesome.

ATVs are recreational and can be ignored here.

UTVs can be street legal, and are much safer than motorcycles. They haul more cargo and can seat 2+.

But a cheap car is probably more useful and almost as cheap. Certainly more resellable.

To preserve strategic mobility, you may want to sell the car once you get a pickup truck.

Pickup truck

With the bed and a rented trailer, it can likely move all your stuff in one trip. Excellent strategic mobility.

For operational mobility, the bed can carry light transport to mitigate limited parking or heavy traffic.

The bed can also serve as a crude mobile shelter, particularly if it's enclosed.

Guard dog

Traveling alone (or worse, with a woman) leaves one vulnerable to crime.

For an alarm system, consider getting a small guard dog with a perimeter shock collar.

Camper trailer

When limited to one vehicle, a pickup is more versatile than an RV.

Mobile home

There's no point in scouting new locations using the above methods if moving is prohibitively expensive.

Avoid the hassle of moving your stuff between fixed residences by moving the entire house instead.

Not only are manufactured homes cheaper per square foot, the benefit of improved lifetime strategic mobility is immeasurable.

Zoning prejudice may force mobile homes to the periphery of cities. But the aforementioned operational mobility enhancements mitigate the commute.

The stereotype of undesirable neighbors in trailer parks is a concern mitigable by scouting, paying more, and at worst, leaving.

Hotel room or small rented apartment

Rent a small permanent residence near work. This relieves commute logistics.


Read Aaron Clarey's Reconnaissance Man for ideas on how to used enhanced mobility and shelter to improve your life satisfaction.

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