Beware the Prince of the Air and his angels of uncanny light

I'm a ghost in a biological shell: cogito ergo sum. Other sorts of ghosts have always been with us. Ancient reports agree they have hierarchy(s). A hypothetical leader of such a hierarchy might decide to reintroduce his pantheon as "aliens" to a modern world, once the concept of outer space has sufficiently disseminated to replace religion with a different kind of deus ex machina. Such a project would find sympathy among those who aim to unify Earth's government, for various reasons altruistic and nefarious.

The scientific method is silent on strategies to cope with an intelligent adversary. Science cannot even defend himself against eminently visible and exquisitely mundane government bureaucrats wielding grants. His odds against a hungry immortal superintelligence with a grudge older than vertebra are nil.

Watched a fairly recent JR episode where he interviewed Elon Musk. Rogan asked him about aliens (time stamp around 30min mark). Musk basically replies that he thinks it’s a waste of time to look for aliens and that if anyone would know if there were aliens it would be him, due to his spacex company.

Musk laughs off the idea, and says he hasn’t really seen any of the videos or other evidence. Musk says he spends zero time thinking about aliens.
#+endquote FLF@Rob Tennant

If Elon Musk isn't interested in aliens, and some UAP are caused by nonhuman intelligence, then those UAP are not made of any materials useful for human space flight. What do you call something that is visible and intelligent but not material?

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