Be reborn in binary

GTD is a productivity system, and Zettelkasten is a notes-management system, but both were designed for the paper era. Textmind does both jobs, and is a digital native. Emacs, the world's greatest text editor, makes it possible to comprehensively manage all of one's important thoughts, and transform them into intelligent action. Textmind realizes the dream of an exomind, achieving sync latency low enough to extend proprioception into the machine, making one a cyborg, albeit one airgapped by keyboard and screen.

Textmind is intended to be a general cognitive algorithm suitable for Intelligence Augmentation, as humans meld with machine. Currently the best mind-machine interface is a Microsoft Natural Ergonomic keyboard and a large screen or two, connected to a modern desktop computer with a Nix-like OS and a fast Internet connection, running Emacs. That combination may sound surprising, but nothing else offers comparable bidirectional bandwidth and latency between brain and bits.

This sync speed has a remarkable result. Mammalian brains are plastic. Proprioception is a matter of latency and feedback. Add a limb in a mirror, and your mind will begin to accept it as part of the body. Likewise, Textmind can extend cognitive proprioception into the machine, by syncing with the brain. It is thus the first intelligence-augmenting cybernetic system.

There are profound benefits to having a mind that is part machine. The strengths and weaknesses of the brain and the computer are complementary. Textmind combines the two into a mind that has the strengths of both and the vulnerabilities of neither.

A Chinese proverb states, "the faintest ink is more powerful than the strongest memory." A programmer's version-controlled text editor is more powerful than the strongest ink. Life after Cyborganization is like life after exiting childhood - one leaves behind childish things.

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