4Chan LeafAAnon alleges plot to depopulate Slavs and Europeans: COVID19 and mRNA vaxx are iterative bioweapons for stealthy genocide, as all-cause death rate climbs.

1 Intro

This post collects the writings of a 4Chan whistleblower whose primary thesis is that COVID19, the mRNA vaccines, and Monkeypox are a plot by an elite cabal to depopulate their enemies using biowarfare. The ACE2 receptors of Slavs and Europeans are targeted, whereas Ashkenazis and East Asians are protected (Omicron excepted).

He points to a major acceleration in the death rate, both from COVID19 and a 40% "all-cause" rise in working-age mortality that he attributes to vaccine injuries.

He names those directly responsible:

  • Baric the cook
  • Zhengli the bat lady
  • Daszak the money-handling spook.
  • Fauci who signed off on the Gain of Function research and the funding for it.
  • And for the coverup: Collins, Walensky, Ghebreyesus.

He expects iterative biowarfare to continue. He warns that Monkeypox will incubate in the homosexual population to become highly transmissible while retaining its lethality, ravaging the VAIDS immunocompromised.

He does make a numerical mistake, misattributing the 40% rise in mortality observed by insurance companies to the total death rate, not the death rate among policy holders, who tend to be working-age: 18-64. Obviously most dying occurs among the elderly in the West.

Given his penchant for doomer AAAAAAHH screaming, and his Canadian maple-leaf flag, I have named him LeafAAnon.

LeafAAnon's thesis relies primarily on open-source intelligence and public links, so it may be evaluated independently of his credibility as a whistleblower with insider information. However, he does appear to have substantial insider knowledge of intelligence community topics and people.

LeafAAnon writes from a Canadian IP address and implies he is in Canada. One suspects him to be European, possibly Nordic. He reads his children the Bible but appears agnostic about its meaning. He exhibits racism towards sub-Saharans and anti-Semitism towards evil elite Jews, but not necessarily Jews in general. He names Zelensky, Kolomoisky, Soros, Blinken and Nuland.

I have removed a few slurs, and overlooked some hyperbole and screaming. 4Chan has a culture, and it helps to fit in.

He says that the survival of the human species is threatened by this end-times WW3 WMD apocalypse. He expects evil elites will instigate nuclear war to cover up their biowarfare.

LeafAAnon's writing style should be compared to the banned Jikkyleaks Twitter account, as their ideas seem similar. The banned Reddit user Divinchy has also made an identical post. I have not investigated these leads.

Below are most of his posts that I found on my initial search. I have lightly edited them for clarity.

He has many more posts marked by the screaming running skeletons image, although he is not the only one who uses it, so authorship can be difficult to discern.

2 1/26/2022

Anonymous 01/26/2022 (Wed) 11:30:40 Id: 5f3979 (2) [Preview] No.12549 [Hide User Posts] [X] del >>12550

The COVID narrative is collapsing. Here's why.

The following links are extremely important to read, understand, and share:

Using BLAST is easy. I'm going to show you how easy and how to prove that SARS-Cov-2 is man-made | Dr Ah Kahn Syed

Inside the genome of COVID-19 there exists a 19-nucleotide sequence, CTCCTCGGCGGGCACGTAG. This sequence exists nowhere else in nature. However, it does exist in a series of 2015 Moderna patents covering a number of cancer research proteins. This makes COVID-19 a Moderna patented product.

83 QUESTIONS FOR DR. RALPH BARIC | October 2021 | Billy Bostickson, DRASTIC

This list of pointed questions directed to Ralph Baric, suspect #1 in the creation of COVID-19, covers topics like mutations of the ORF1ab open reading frame replicase gene, of which Baric is an expert manipulator, with papers published on the topic. Also touches on RaTG13, spike protein and furin cleavage engineering, and other suspect nucleotide sequences.

Daszak admits working with CIA | Dr. AG Hugg | Twitter

This [whistleblower] is Dr. Andrew Huff, the former direct subordinate of Peter Daszak at EcoHealth Alliance. Huff has just revealed that Daszak is a CIA agent. This is important because…

WHO inspector has conflict of interest in Wuhan COVID probe: Prominent biologist | Taiwan News | 2021/02/04

… as this article reveals, Daszak was responsible for funnelling $200m US from USAID (aka CIA) and a further $39m US from the Pentagon to the Wuhan lab. These funds bought the disease. This creates a direct evidentiary and monetary connection between CIA and COVID-19.

Finally, rounding things out, here's the DARPA document confirming COVID to be engineered. This doc has been verified by its author as legitimate and accurate, that author being U.S. Marine Corps Major Joseph Murphy, a former DARPA Fellow.

Remember the names of those who did this to us most directly: Baric the cook, Zhengli the bat lady, Daszak the money-handling spook. Fauci who signed off on the Gain of Function research and the funding for it. Remember the names of those who knew what this was from day 1, and spent their days attempting to conceal their culpability: Collins, Walensky, Ghebreyesus.

These names are guilty of GENOCIDE.

China is not without blame either. It is known with certainty that their proliferation of COVID-19 globally was intentional and malicious, as evidenced by their internal but not international travel bans. However, besides Zhengli, the names of other Chinese players in the creation of COVID are not known, and might never be. I still think we should wipe them all out with the cruelest of WMDs imaginable, but for now, we should deal with the devil we know.

Another important link: The Fauci FOIA emails

USAID, NIAID, Mazet, Daszak: extreme Conflict of Interest. Journalistic malpractice. | Dr. RH Ebright | Twitter

Awwww yiss, guess we don't need that Taiwan News article after all. Here's Richard Ebright on Twitter talking about Daszak and the $200m from USAID / $39m from Pentagon.


So if you're wondering why COVID is suddenly vanishing from relevance… that'd be it.

Another important link:

COVID-19: A Second Opinion | Senator Ron Johnson Published January 24, 2022 | Rumble

This is the hearing held recently by Senator Ron Johnson, which included Drs. Malone, Kory, Kheriaty, Bhattacharya and many other titans of medical research and practice. The words "Nuremberg" and "crimes against humanity" were thrown around frequently during this presentation. It lasts some 6 hours, but is worth watching all the way through.

3 4/29-30/2022

3.1 OP

C-19 BIO-WEAPON TRUTH BECOMING IMPOSSIBLE TO CONTAIN Anonymous ehkmUQYR Fri 29 Apr 2022 21:40:16 No.375255330

HUMANITY IS BEING EXTERMINATED WITH BIO-WEAPONS Anonymous f1Uqi1kZ Sat 30 Apr 2022 02:18:02 No.375289267

New cover story: COVID19 leaked from LAV attempt | Jikkyleaks (now banned) | Twitter


You are going to see more tweets from "our side" with the story: "#SARSCOV2 emerged out of the attempts to develop a LAV (live attenuated vaccine) for SARS or HIV"

This story is false.

It is designed to provide an escape route for the perpetrators.

You see, the bat-pangolin story has fallen apart. Totally.

Nobody believes it.

So that means that everybody knows that it was made in a lab.

So the new story - all of a sudden - is that it was a LAV gone wrong. It was an accident.

"Please don't convict the perpetrators in the international criminal court because they were trying to save the world".

It is a desperate attempt to protect the perpetrators.


This was the deal breaker:

You see, nobody makes an inhibitor for a "live vaccine". That would be nonsensical.

So why did the people that made it make an inhibitor if it was a LAV?

But there is another massive red flag.

You see, Daszak and Shi never ever published a single paper on a vaccine.

They never made one. Ever.

Check for yourself: Pubmed search for Shi and Daszak papers on vaccines

So, despite 15 years of "virus research" #EcoHealth never produced a working live attenuated vaccine to clinical trials.

Yet we are expected to believe they were "working on a vaccine for HIV/SARS"?

"But wait" they say… this document says they were working on vaccines.

Of course. This is exactly the description of what happened. Just like the DEFUSE documents showed.

Removing the Viral Threat: Two Months to Stop Pandemic X from Taking Hold | DARPA

But this isn't describing a LAV.

It's describing the making of a virus to create a war game scenario for which "they" will create a a RNA "vaccine".

An RNA "vaccine" is NOT a live attenuated vaccine.

Anybody that tells you it is, is lying to you.

So there was never any intention to create a vaccine when making this virus. It was intended to fulfil the DARPA DEFUSE protocol.

Any suggestion that it was a LAV - from this group who never created a vaccine - falls apart on the most superficial inspection.

There are some groups that have been trying to make a vaccine candidate for HIV that uses the GP-120 sequences found in #SARSCOV2

But I would need to see proof that the genomic sequences in those experiments match. Otherwise it is just another sideshow.

Finally, I'd really like to see @SenRonJohnson and @SteveScalise start asking some really difficult questions of the people involved and the people that covered this up.

The time for screaming is now.

Oh, almost forgot, the most important bit:

The pandemic’s true death toll | Our daily estimate of excess deaths around the world | Economist


Also important, C-19 is not only a bio-weapon, but also a genotype-targeting, or ethnic, bio-weapon.

Ethnic bioweapon | Wikipedia

You see, different human populations have different ACE2 receptors in their bodies, and these have varying degrees of electrostatic interaction, or basically 'magnetism' with respect to C-19's spike protein.

ACE2 coding variants in different populations and their potential impact on SARS-CoV-2 binding affinity | Biochem Biophys Rep. 2020 Dec

The ones most targeted? Those of European (not Nordic however) descent, and out of those, specifically Slavs.

The ones least affected? (And thus least likely to suffer long term consequences from both infection and injection?)


3.2 4/29 replies

3.2.1 evil jews

[pic text: Evil Jews Rule the World]

> [Ashkenazis least affected] WTF

That's right.

Now if you really want your noodle flipped…

  • Zelensky
  • Kolomoisky
  • Soros
  • Blinken
  • Nuland

Ask yourself the following question:

Why is the least affected population, actively fomenting war among the most affected population?

For the answer, let's ask Rabbi Schneerson!

Chabad Plotted Slav Genocide in 1994 | Justice4Poland.com

> Slavs, and among them Russians, are the most rebellious people in the world. He is rebellious by virtue of the warehouse of his psychic and mental abilities, laid down by many generations of ancestors, genes that are not amenable to alteration. Slav, Russian, can be destroyed, but never conquered. That is why this seed is subject to elimination, and at first – to a sharp reduction in its number.

Evil Jews. They rule the world. They are its greatest source of genocide across all of history, and here they go committing another one.

After Ukraine, they're going after Poland:


3.2.2 tl;dr

> Can anyone tl;dr this and leave out the schitzo rants and only leave the stuff with facts?

pic: Daszak emails "we are very happy that our Gain of Function research pause has been lifted."

Sure. 21.3 million people have been murdered with a lab-grown biological warfare agent, whose creation was authorized by Anthony Fauci.

Peter Daszak, CIA, handled $270m+ in USAID/DOD/Pentagon funding to the Wuhan Institute of Virology, where Shi Zhengli gathered bat pathogens and Ralph Baric modified them with HIV-1 gene inserts to create the bio-weapon we know as SARS-CoV-2 or COVID-19.

3.2.4 info war

>> You are going to see more tweets from "our side" with the story: "#SARSCOV2 emerged out of the attempts to develop a LAV (live attenuated vaccine) for SARS or HIV"

>going to see more tweets

Is he talking about some internet war between virus conspiracy theorists that will have no bearing on or relation to anything happening in the real world?

Actually this war now involves military info-ops units like the UK's 77th Brigade, and pretty much all of FVEY, working eagerly to obscure CIA's exposed ass over all this. But yeah, it's largely between two camps of virologists right now.

Camp One is the Four Horsemen, Fauci, Daszak, Baric and Zhengli, and their defenders like fat Angie Rasmussen who is fat, and Kristian G Andersen who is a faggot. These have circled their wagons quite obsessively, and are probably being media-managed by CIA directly through Daszak.

Camp two is basically everyone else. Everyone with nothing to hide, everyone who understands genetics and sequencing, everyone who can smell the bullshit wafting from Camp one's mouths.

Some other good people to follow on Twitter from Camp Two:

3.2.5 indians

> what can you tell me about the way this bioweapon attacks indigenous/pacific islander/indian populations

Indians are getting beat to shit because of their abominable medical standards, but they aren't a specific target. No idea about indigenous or pacific islander, but should be extrapolatable from any C-19 tracker, even though those are not very accurate.

Whatever the trackers show, multiply by 3x, as a general rule. Multiplier is actually variable - lowest in the US, highest in the third world, and places with inadequate tracking.

3.2.6 Ukraine

pic: Twitter threads on Ukraine invasion biolab connection

Oh yeah, and the war in Ukraine is directly because of all this. See the Daily Mail article linked in post 2 of this thread?

Compare its date of publication to the date Russia invaded Ukraine proper. Article 23rd, invasion 24th.

Apparently we had a bio-weapons program running there, LOL.

The battle over Odessa will be significant - that's where Ukraine's highest level declared bio-lab is, a BSL-3.

3.2.7 Asian Omicron

> So what's going on with China's current strict measurements and zero-vid policies? Reving up for another (((Lockdown)))

Well, it's interesting. Alpha and Delta barely touched the Asians, but Omicron is a different beastie. Also lab-designed, also bears the fingerprints of Ralph Baric, specifically 6 mutations in the ORF1ab replicase gene, which Baric authored papers on modifying. A separate and intentional release. And this one appears to FUCK. ASIANS. UP. No more ACE2 get-out-of-jail card. Appears to have novel routes of infection, including one targeting your CD4 T-cells. It beats the shit out of your lymphocytes in general, just like its gene-daddy: HIV-1.

Learn more about this here:

SARS2 can bind to and cause apoptosis of CD4+ T-cells. | TVandongen | Twitter

3.2.8 clot shot

> It's a cold. Fuck off faggot. Not taking your vaccine.

I don't want you to take the vaccine. The vaccine is also a biological weapon.

I believe it has already killed more than the disease it was meant to prevent, and since the disease has killed 21.3 million…

There was an unexpected 40% increase in ‘all cause deaths’ in 2021 | KUSI | insurance companies

^ This +40% is now being seen in US/Can/UK/Aus/NZ. Average rate of dying for the human species is 60m annual. If +40% holds globally, an additional 24m have been killed by the vaccines.

3.2.9 kill count

> What's the goal with it? It clearly wasn't a mass die-off. It killed less than the fucking Flu does assuming the flu's numbers weren't added to it to make it look worse.

In my rough estimation, the disease and the reaction to the disease have killed up to 44.3 million people thus far. Pretty mean flu.

The pandemic’s true death toll | Our daily estimate of excess deaths around the world | Economist

The number in this link goes up by 100,000 every 3 days or so, so it's not over, and not even slowing down.

> Total Vaccine Doses Administered: > 11,338,979,761

The species itself might be threatened.

3.2.10 Anglos targeted

> Anglos not even on the fucking chart.

Anglos are a prime target, I'm afraid. And their descendants. The two dark greens.

> so how fucked am if I just got omicron

10k IU vit D, 3k IU vit C, zinc, eat a few apples with the skins on for the quercetin, drink pomegranate juice (natural protein fusion inhibitor) and if you have access to it, IVM, and you should be fine. Hot tea with honey, chicken soup, good too.

Infection is not as harmful as injection. Infection only induces spike replication while viral load peaks, which can be a matter of days to a week. Injection causes spike replication for months at a time, 4 I believe was the longest detection of spike in lipid exosomes.

> the vax is a soft kill. dan brown wrote about it in Inferno

Yeah, it's cancer-causing too. Existing cancers intensify, become more malignant. New cancers erupt, even in places where cancer has no right to exist.

If you want to be very wealthy in the future, get into oncology now. It'll be one of the world's biggest medical sectors very very soon.

3.2.11 nukes

pic: US thermonuclear warhead diagram

> Provided you survive what comes next

Don't be in cities if you want that.

The only way to conceal the deployment of a WMD that kills tens of millions, is with the deployment of bigger WMD that kills more. They will want to conceal what they've done here, and it's important that some of us survive, and remember.

Someone will have to remain, to accuse the guilty.

Remember the guilty, anons. Never forget who did this to humanity.

3.2.12 brain damage

> [cognitive problems after Omicron]

Oof, that doesn't sound good. C-19 can damage the brain pretty badly.

WMC Research | Substack

This guy, Walter M. Chesnut, is doing deep research into spike protein pathology. The problem it causes with the brain is amyloid formation, which is basically proto-Alzheimer's.


Look into an antibiotic called Minocycline, it's an anti-neuroinflammatory that breaks up amyloid.

3.2.13 demons

> [skeptical they'd go as far as WMDs]

Nobody thought Russia would invade Ukraine and then it did.

Assume the demons that rule this world want to kill you. It really is the safer bet.

3.2.15 DoD biolabs

pic: DoD paperwork for Ukraine biolabs

More Ukraine phunnies:

3.2.16 Wuhan collapses

> [Chinese collapsing in Wuhan at first outbreak]

Actually, those videos of Chinese falling over has an explanation most people aren't aware of.

The incident that loosed C-19 on the world, also loosed a few other biological weapons. The other two were hard-kill bioweapons. A modified Nipah virus, and a Rhabdovirus (or weaponized rabies.)

The other two burned themselves out very quickly, as hard-kill BW agents are designed to do, and didn't spread far beyond Wuhan.

One patient was found with C-19, Nipah and the Rhabdovirus, so my guess is someone held a "random vial smashing party" at WIV, and this poor fucker decided to lick the floor afterward. I really can't think of a better explanation for that many lab pathogens being found in one subject.

Follow Charles Rixey on Twitter, he talks about this, dude's a WMD expert and all-around badass.

3.2.17 Russia Maidan

> [many knew Russia would invade]

Shit, I knew they'd invade in 2013, the moment Maidan severed the land route to Sevastopol. Russia considers that naval base strategically critical.

3.2.18 don't vaxx

>What can a dumbass like me do to help? I can't understand basically any of the information you posted. Should I just continue to not be vaxxed and convince my inner circle to remain the same?

This is all we can do at this point. Save as many as possible.

Try to dissuade the vaccinated from getting boosters as well. Spike pathology is cumulative. The more boosters, the more fucked you are.

Infection and injection should both be considered exposures to bio-weapons and addressed accordingly. Best practice is to avoid altogether, but with Omicron showing a R0 or reproduction number of 14, putting it in measles' infectiousness range, avoiding infection might be next to impossible.

At least it's not as bad as injection.

3.2.19 global genocide

> [there will be no masses left to serve justice]

Yeah, that's something I really wish I could hammer into people's skulls.

We're in the midst of a fucking global genocide and it is only accelerating. There's literally no end in sight, but THE end.

Alpha, Delta and Omicron were all separate, intentional, non-accidental releases.

Biological warfare is rarely carried out with just one biological warfare agent. Usually it resembles a process of iteration. To see what works best. What attains set goals best.

3.2.20 full cemeteries

> [where are the bodies?]

Same places the other 60 million people that die every year are buried. Just that now, there are more plots.

Insurance vendors, funeral homes, hell, even coffin manufacturers all reporting around 40% increased business, completely unrelated to C-19.

3.2.21 DoD biolabs

> pic: DoD biolabs documentation

SWEET. Thanks.

3.2.22 SARS racially targeted

I remember back in march 2020 someone posted a paper in cvg, from a chinese institute

Bitch was clearly hating eh west for SARS, but went into an extensive demonstration of how it clearly specifically fucked a group of ethnic south east asian that was targeted in the 80-90 by a large scale DNA sampling forced through factories under business practice or some shit

Never found it again but what you are saying definitely rings a bell

If you could find that again, it might be incredibly precious. Possibly scrubbed by now though, lotta scrubbing bubbles in China zooming around since 2019…

3.2.23 inflated death count

> Except they counted anyone within 28 days of a positive test as a corona death

Yeah, there was a lot of that early case fluffery going around. Ceased by 2021 though, was no longer necessary, as reality caught up to desired result.

Man, that brings something else to mind.

Francho Bradley.

3.2.24 Daszak summoned


> We need answers on EcoHealth Alliance potentially committing fraud. We asked NIH to investigate if Peter Daszak and other EcoHealth Alliance officials purposefully withheld info on their risky research at the Wuhan lab to renew their taxpayer-funded grant.

Ooooooh, someone's in trooooouble, Pete got called to the priiiincipal's oooffice!

3.2.25 Franch Bradley



> 2018 > Genzyme > Biotech firm > Being staked out by the heavily armed Bradley and Jennings > Upon arrest, Bradley claims he's on a secret government mission to stop a coming virus, Has DOD ID

> 2020 > Genzyme > Now manufactures Illumina PCR test used to diagnose C-19 around the world

What did Francho Bradley know in 2018?

> p.s. Illumina is widely considered to be inaccurate and prone to false positive results.

> Massachusetts police say 59-year-old Francho Bradley, from Texas, called police to check on his hotel room — and officers found weapons that included an AR-15 and AK-47. He told cops he needed the weapons for a classified government mission regarding a virus and was arrested.

See their facial expressions? That "we know more than you" smirk? How they both have that same fucking smirk?

Those are spooks. Those are spooks who are not at all concerned to be in police custody.

3.2.26 we know

> [What do we not know about this virus, that the CCP does, to treat it so seriously?]

Well, we know a lot, and none of it is good.

We know the bio-weapon attacks the immune system exactly like HIV does. We know it causes brain damage, lasting systemic damage. But that's not the worst part.

We know the spike protein we based our transfecting mRNA vaccines from, is in itself highly pathogenic: oncogenic, teratogenic, thrombogenic, cardiomyopathogenic, neuropathogenic, generally bad-fucking-time-o-genic. Like the bio-weapon itself, it ages you. Erodes you. There's no tissue in the body where it doesn't end up. And thanks to the wonderful technology of lipid nanoparticles, which are a party bus for the spike protein across the blood brain barrier, it also causes amyloid formation which means guaranteed Alzheimer's if you survive all the other ways it has to kill or degrade you long enough.

So basically, every zombie movie you've ever watched, was psychologically priming you for the inevitable near future when you'll have to put down shambling mindless moaning man-shapes that were once your loved ones before they started trying to gnaw on you.

3.2.27 Trump's advisors

> Explain Trump's infatuation with the coof jab.

He takes advice from evil people, and has lost his ability to see them as evil.

3.2.28 Polak extermination

> [derisive Polak skeptic]

You're being exterminated, Bolek.


You are the actual target. Of a gene-seeking bio-weapon.

3.2.29 MSM lies

> [Why the media so dishonest about the pandemic?]

To make you disbelieve your own extermination as it happened.

Even in this thread, there are people promulgating the "covid isn't real" psy-op. Ingenious piece of work, that one. You can tell the creator has considerable experience in cattle-wrangling.

> [COVID19 deaths were caused by ventilator intubation.]

Started that way. Vents are used a lot less frequently now, and if used, at lower pressure settings less likely to injure the lungs.

3.2.30 tictacs

pic: CGI closeup of tictac UFO at sea level. Filename: TickyTackyTickyTackyHoyHoyHoy.png No matches found on tineye reverse image search.

> I think tptb genuinely believed it was going to be more virulent and didn't expect lethality to wane so fast. They had already disseminated marching orders to their media talking heads and basically had a choice to either rugpull and memory hole the entire thing or double down and pantomime. I think they chose the latter because tptb are ar make it or break it time in terms of their grand plans. The last card they have is the alien threat and they've been laying the groundwork for that behind the scenes while dripping tidbits about aliens in the mass media as prep work. I expect some kind of significant alien thing to happen by summer's end.

Nukes first.

If Russia's smart, they'll conduct a test with the world's cameras invited to film, in their usual northern island testing grounds. The visible media hubbub casting doubts on the functionality of Russia's nuclear arsenal is actually the discourse of nations, hoping to elicit this result, as it would send a powerful message without killing anyone.

If Russia is a globohomo puppet, they'll toss a tactical nuke at Ukraine, prompting proportional retaliation from a NATO member, which turns into 20 Russian nukes, then 20 more NATO, then we all settle that nagging afterlife question. Unless the Tictacs come and save us! XD

3.2.31 coercion

>nobody forced you

I can't get a job or leave my country unless vaccinated, unless through illicit or clandestine means. I'm a prisoner here, de facto.

90% of this nation's population was forced through these measures. Only 10% untainted remain.

I have the option of fleeing, but the way I figure the future playing out, the extremely low population density of this place will be an advantage in the near future. For a while anyway, at least until the colonizing yellow hordes arrive.

3.2.32 murder

> Literally not one letter of anything you just wrote means a fucking thing because: YOU WON'T DO SHIT. Pharma can do anything they want. Who is going to stop us? You? Lmao. You have no balls. None.

Yes. Me. I'm going to look into your eyes as the light of life drains from them. You will look down and see your body with my hands around your throat as your soul begins its ascent toward heaven, but then you'll find me there too, dragging you down to where we both belong. Because right after I do that to you, I'll be doing it to your children, and I'll probably have an erection while doing it.

[dueling pics match the exchange: winking skeleton vs grinning bloody clown. Skeleton did not reply.]

3.2.33 23andMe

> Remember all those 23andme kits? All that genetic info gets pumped directly to Israel.

Bingo. Precisely how it was targeted.

3.2.34 cheer

> [chin up]

I'm totally fucking up on that front. Haven't spoken to my elderly neighbour in months. Have become a total fucking recluse since finding this shit out, really. I mean, wahey, we're being exterminated with bio-weapons and I belong to the target population, where do you go from there? Nowhere happy. I drink too much.

Must post cute girl. Her face always cheers me up.

3.2.35 USA

> [could sneak into USA]

Yeah, but then I'm in the US, and am promptly shot by negros.

3.2.36 tictacs

> [tic tac pic is impressive]

They're ours, and here's how they turn shit off:

Counter-electronics High Power Microwave Advanced Missile Project | Wikipedia

They look like they just flew out of an Apple store because they're supposed to evoke the idea of "good aliens." The "bad aliens" basically look like black ferrofluid and make scary noises. Electrogravitic drives, pretty funky shit, apparently resembling the gravity drive from Event Horizon, or the jump device from Contact.

… or so i hear …

3.2.37 Israel

> [bullshit, COVID19 hit Israel very hard]

Israel has one of the world's lowest per-100k mortality figures from C-19.

3.2.38 Russia

> RNA samples must be ethnic Russian in origin and not (((Ukrainian)))

Ayup. Now you know why there's a war.

Watch Odessa. BSL-3 there. Significant battle I'm guessing. Russia will want to capture it.

3.2.39 Jews

> This is why Everyone in the US government is marrying jews everyone in the elite won't have the unknown lasting effects long term of covid

Probably, wouldn't surprise me actually.

And thus their power grows.

3.2.40 Veach

> Ol Black & Veach?

Yeah, I think they built the place. Infrastructure construction firm. Charles Rixey talked about this as well, mentioned him above.

3.2.41 Nordics

> [white genocide]

Nordics are pretty safe, all things considered. Anglo-descents and Slavs are primary targets.

At least until a Nord-specific bio-weapon makes its debut.

3.2.42 Francho

> [quick rundown?]


>Massachusetts police say 59-year-old Francho Bradley, from Texas, called police to check on his hotel room — and officers found weapons that included an AR-15 and AK-47. He told cops he needed the weapons for a classified government mission regarding a virus and was arrested.

He was staking out a biotech firm, that today produces a PCR test used to detect C-19. Unreliably.

3.2.43 cancer

> You know, if the vaxx causes cancers at a rate and of a typre that would make it obviously vaxx related, a nuclear war would be a very good cover up, could blame all the cancer on "muh radiashun" and the NPC's will believe every word of it

taps nose

That's why I expect it.

3.2.44 Dravidian

> [dravidian survival of COVID19]

You guys have high prevalence of HCQ prophylaxis on account of malaria, don't you? And you all smoke? Those two things will work in your favour.

> [why us? yamnaya ancestry?]

Incidental targeting I'd suspect. Indo-aryans.

3.2.45 immune

The most effective thing the jabs do is compromise the immune system.

Kill that, which they do 30% each jab, and all the potential genetic dysfunctions, plus cancer, et al, will surface.

Perfect because all those things will NOT be attributed to the jabs. I know people already. Oh, it's just life. Can't be helped.

At least I got the shot so it won't be worse!

Yup. How to conceal a genocide 101. Spread across time, spread across wide variety of symptoms.

3.3 4/30 replies

3.3.1 Daszak

> [Peter Daszak is a glowie]

He is; it's known.


He was outed as working with CIA by his former EcoHealth colleague Andrew Huff. @AGHuff on Twitter.

Separately, Richard Ebright revealed in Taiwan News that Daszak funneled $270m from USAID/DOD/Pentagon to Wuhan, so he was very much the bag man for the operation.

3.3.2 Moderna

> [nobody mentioned moderna sequence in SARS2 genome]

I did mention it. Third post is mostly about it. Very important links, especially the substacks. They were what blew this open, and their author is a hero to humankind whose name may never be known. (Ah Kahn Syed is a pseudonym, and a necessity when your revelations have pissed off the CIA.)

Pictured here is C-19's spike protein…

… and here is the spike protein whose replication is induced for up to four months via vaccination.

As you can see, this one is completely safe, while the above one is a highly harmful pathogen, LOL.

3.3.3 USA

> [Paper trail goes back to the USA.]

Oh yes. We've identified the funding channels and everything. $270m in total from USAID/DOD/Pentagon to WIV, possibly annual, handled by Daszakdickhead the spook.

I'd say culpability is about evenly split, which may have been the purpose behind revealing the USA side to all of this - to avoid the formation of uni-polar blame that would have the world, nuclear powers included, calling for retaliation against one nation, in this case China, for what is clearly a WMD attack that has killed tens of millions around the world, and has not even remotely slowed down.

So now the blame for this genocide is spread out a little better.

Canada has some culpability as well. We did things that could've ended much, much worse. The modified Nipah sample the Chinese let spill along with C-19 is considered a hard-kill bio-weapon, the sort you use to take out installations without ending the world, and it was analyzed in Canada before making its way to China's bio-labs. Fortunately, that leak didn't get far past Wuhan, but it's known, along with a militarized rhabdovirus that got out during the same event. One poor Chinese fuck had all three in his system, which I can only imagine happened by his licking the floor inside WIV after they held a 'random vial smashing party.'

We are really tickling the devil's taint with these germ and virus hijinks…

(And by militarized rhabdovirus I mean airborne rabies. Another hard-kill BW. C-19 is a soft-kill. So are some of the vaccines.)

3.3.4 Fauci

> [Why Fauci et al not skinned alive?]

Working toward that goal if I'm ever to believe in a just world, and not one ruled by demons.

(Who are we kidding, it's absolutely demons.)

pic: Donald Duck scrutinizing the evil Jew rubbing hands pic

3.3.5 CCP

> [Was never all China, but CCP played very important role.]

Early on, the blame was decidedly uni-polar, even with calls for war. And America's fine NEGROS are still exacting a toll of vengeance upon anyone remotely Chinese-looking, as a lingering memetic artifact of those times.

Ahhhh… NEGROS. Can't live with 'em… no… you just can't.

But yeah, people don't really call for nuking China any more over C-19, and I think that's because of revealing the western involvement.

Much remains unknown, like the actual source of that $270m. Keep hearing rumours that it's Eric Schmidt. Google guy.

3.3.6 23 million

> [23 million dead isn't much statistically.]

It's not over. May threaten the species.

21.3 million is the number killed by C-19.


This 40% all-cause NON-C-19 mortality is now being seen in US/Can/UK/Parts of EU/AUS/NZ. Average rate of dying for the human species is 60m annual or thereabouts.

So, we've got two new factors, one that killed 21.3 million in two years and change, and another that - if the +40% holds globally - has killed 24 million in one year.

The rate of dying for the entire human species has been significantly altered upward.

3.3.7 Germany

> [Jabbed Germans getting COVID19]

Germany currently has Omicron BA.2 prevalent. It's got an R0 of 14 putting it in measles' infectiousness range. If it got any more infectious, it'd be the most infectious pathogen known to man, and there are some new variants cropping up that might get there.

The vaccines don't work. Simple as. They're calibrated against Alpha, and negatively effective against Omicrons. You are something like 3x more likely to catch C-19 if triple-vaccinated.

Doesn't help that the vaccines obliterate your immune system no different from how C-19 does it, via four gene inserts from HIV-1. It attacks your T-cells and lymphocytes in general. Airborne AIDS, in other words.

pic: pic of a pretty woman in fancy dress, possibly German, not found on tineye. Has dot eyeliner.

3.3.8 purebloods

> [MSM says purebloods dying more than vaxxed]

Absolute fucking lie, LOL, and I wonder how they think they're getting away with it. Check out our local hosp/ICU figures:


Page down til the pie graphs. That was an even split in December when BA.1 showed up here. Ever since then, it's trended away from the un-punctured, and toward the sacrificed. Eventually, it'll just be pincushions with no unvaxed there at all. In about 2 months at this rate, actually.

Oh, and if you want to get a load of some propaganda we just got hit with (apologies in advance if you have blood pressure conditions):



Just look at this vomitus. Makes me wanna rip my eyelids off. GNAARAAAGHHHH

3.3.9 boosters

> [no change in booster dosage]

There is a change actually, they've quietly started increasing the dose. Booster is about 115-120% of previous two doses, concentration-wise. They just shifted some of the adjuvants around. There should be a good article coming out about this in… two weeks.

Remember that Omicron-specific vaccine that was supposed to arrive in March?

This is what they decided to do when it didn't work.

I almost have to laugh at the absolute banality of this evil because the only other option when faced with it is to go insane. Medical experiments being run on the entire species. Active efforts to eliminate control groups. Mengele is a candle-flame compared to the genocidal hypergiant star that is Anthony Fauci, and his fellow horsemen.

3.3.10 multinational

> implying it wasn't made in Wuhan China

It was. But by Chinese and Americans. And Americans paid.

Brits, Canadians also involved. Daszak is a Brit. To find the Canadian connection, start digging into Nipah virus. Where first found, where first analyzed, and where first unleashed as a weapon.

> [My country Germany was also involved]

Am aware of that connection. Not Lauterbach, Drosten.

And yes, he's very tainted. Very evil and very aware of the reality of this. He's your Kristian Andersen.

> He stepped down a few days ago from the "Corona-Kommission". Left the sinking ship. Almost nobody in Germoney took notice.

It's all about to go to hell, globally, in spectacular fashion, so understandable for someone of his motivations.

Watch the Four Horsemen. Fauci, Daszak, Baric, Zhengli.

3.3.11 pre-leak

> [Wuhan lab leak story]

I believe the point of release to have occurred even earlier. How else would I have tangled with it a year before official kick-off.

My encounter with a pathogen with a symptom profile identical to what later became known as C-19 Alpha occurred in Feb 2019.

3.3.12 inserts

Well no shit you faggots, COVID has four proteins inserted into it from the HIV virus because it was originally engineered as a vaccine against the AIDS virus. The Indian team of researchers who found this and wrote a paper on it in late January 2020 caused such a shit stir at the time that they were forced to retract their paper and Zerohedge had it’s Twitter account suspended for reporting it.

Further to this, Luc Montagner who discovered the HIV virus in the 1980’s and won a Nobel Prize in the mid-2000’s, established that COVID-19 was developed as a chimera and the four inserts of the HIV proteins were designed to elicit an immune response against the AIDS virus, this has been known for nearly two years now, most of you faggots have been asleep since then


Yes. It has been around that long. That's when the horror dawned on me. If you recall, the images I used in this thread, were the same images I used in my initial C-19 panic threads in Jan/Feb 2020.

I'm resurfacing this now for a reason.

And yes this anon is correct. The four HIV inserts are 3 Gp-120 genes that form C-19's binding sites, and a Gag gene that forms the furin cleavage site.

All discussed here:



The person who wrote these articles may well have saved… some… of our species. Countless lives in any estimation. I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm developing an Ed Snow / Assange level of hero worship regarding this anonymous individual.

Pic: Relationship of Data, Information and Intelligence

3.3.13 list

> [Drosten is on my list.]

Shit, I already posted Devilishpepe.gif in this thread, would've been perfect to use now.

Those lists are growing.

If their behaviour persists, i.e. Hans, I'm SO OK with removing anyone within two degrees of Kevin Bacon of the Four Horsemen.

But what I'm really after are the big names.

Like Google Eric.

3.3.14 Jews

> And you’re full of shit. It broke out first in Jews and hit hard. You aren’t reading the affinity correctly

Name one that died.

Actually, I wanna come back to this one. This one's interesting.

Wanna know what I call the first people to get hit by a disease, and not be hurt badly by it?

3.3.15 sequelae

[posted a pic of a post by @JCSlater. Full text below.]

If you took the experimental gene therapy injections here is what you have to look forward to over the next 2-3 years:

  1. Sometime between October 2021 and April 2022 we will see if ADE (Antibody Dependent Enhancement) strikes you like it did the animals in 2012.
  2. Around 18 months we will see if "mad cow" strikes you like it did to the humanised mice that were injected with the spike proteins.
  3. Around 24 months we will see if Alzheimer's strikes you like it did the Macaque monkeys that were injected with the spike proteins.
  4. 60% of the injected have detected 'microclots' with the d-dimer test in the first week after injection. Right side heart failure within 3 years is common.
  5. The spike proteins impair your telemerase synthesis which is known to lead to cancer, CVD, diabetes, vascular dementia.

All that for a disease with an IFR of 0.3?? What were you thinking?

3.3.16 injection

Infection is better than injection.

Infection induces spike protein replication only while it peaks. It's usually in the order of 3-4 days, a week max, unless already immunocompromised, and then you're fucked straight away.

Injection induces spike replication for up to 4 months, as far as we know. Maybe longer, but the longest study lasted 4 months.

Spike is the bad part.

>Infection is better than injection.

I should qualify this statement

Both are bad. Infection is better than injection in the same way as surviving a car crash is better than dying in one.

3.3.17 flu

In 2020, flu deaths stopped being reported as flu deaths and were mis-reported as C-19 deaths. Goal was to make the pandemic look scary early on. Starting about 2021, this policy seemed to ease up. Coincidentally, a psy-op started to convince everyone that C-19 was over. You'll still find tons of people who think it's fictional. They wanted you not to notice your extermination.

3.3.18 currency

> [Where's my money?]

You still think money is real? Here's what's real:

pic: bic lighters, ammunition, medical kit, alcohol

Tunnels are good too.

I am a dwarf, and I'm digging a hole. Diggy diggy hole, diggy diggy hole. Gotta escape the blast waves.

> [currency]

Your currency must be your own.

A lizard told me that once.

[see r/Reptiliandude]

3.3.19 dieoff

> [slow dieoff]

Avg. rate of dying, 60m annual. For all humans alive today.

In 2020, a new thing happened that killed 20 more until now. So +10m annual on top of that.

In 2021, another new thing happened, that killed up to 24m.

3.3.20 Sipher







3.3.21 bifurcation

The "cure" was the Bifurcation for the Revelation Timeline .

You on a Deterministic course with Minimal options for mitigation…

Pol tried …

I am so sorry

pic: Agent Smith speech: Humans are a virus.

4 07/11/22

4.1 OP

HUMANITY IS BEING EXTERMINATED WITH BIO-WEAPONS Anonymous (ID: H82fl0LG) 07/11/22(Mon)07:02:29 No.386185575

Henlo frens.

The pandemic’s true death toll | Our daily estimate of excess deaths around the world | May 23rd 2022 | Economist — 21.5 million are dead from bio-weapon #1. (Airborne.)

Avg. rate of dying for the human species, about 60m annual.

If this +40% all-cause NON-C-19 mortality holds globally, up to an additional 24m are dead from bio-weapon #2. (Injected.)

And the monkeypox is a bio-weapon too.

Finally, heavily vaccinated nations have started noticing a calamitous drop in fertility and birth rates. Millions more, the number likely unknowable, who would have been born, will now no longer be.

This is extermination. Genocide. We're the targets. We didn't scream enough. The time for screaming… is now.

And who remembers this classic that appeared right here on Four Chain Pole? Sure seems to be playing out as predicted.

4.2 OP's replies

4.2.1 rage virus

> Can't they at least bring on something cool like the fucking T-virus or the Rage Virus? Fucking kikes, even their apocalypse is totally lame.

You actually came very close to getting your wish during the event that unleashed C-19 on the world in Wuhan. Two other bio-weapons were loosed alongside it, and one poor Chinese bastard was found with all 3 in his system. Unlike C-19, a soft-kill bio-weapon, these were a lab-modified Nipah virus, and a militarized rhabdovirus. Think airborne rabies for that last one.

These other loose BWs may explain those vids we saw early during the pandemic of Chinese collapsing in streets (the Nipah will do that) or violently seizing (the rhabdo will do that.)

The Nipah and rhabdo were hard-kill bio-weapons, the sort of thing you use to attack a hardened installation without also ending the world, as the fast moving killers burn themselves out too quickly to become pandemics or even outbreaks far from the facility targeted.

4.2.3 bans

> the globalists are on the offensive

That they are. The social media bans against the researchers uncovering this stuff have been relentless. Jikkyleaks gone, Kevin W. McCairn gone, Walter Chesnut gone.

  • @CharlesRixey is a good follow from those who remain - US Marine WMD expert.
  • @jjcouey another - biologist.

> Igor Chudov was banned today

Those satanic cockholsters. Every action they perform is an attempt to prevent us from understanding the means of our extermination. Twitter censors are literal mass murderers and I wish for nothing but horror to befall them.

Some good substacks to follow:

If I think of more, will add.

Billions will die before our eyes. Five Holocausts have already happened in the last 2.5 years. Death will feast well in this age.

More good substacks:

4.2.4 mutant monkeypox

> The problem with monkeypox is it hasn’t killed anybody. It’s mortality rate was based on Africa which does not have western medicine

At the rate it's mutating it will. Like C-19 it will become more virulent, while retaining lethality, like a good strategic bio-weapon.

Rate of doubling under 9 days now. Amusingly enough, the point where you should start worrying about an outbreak, is if it exhibits a doubling rate shorter than… two weeks.

> doubt it. keep boosting though

I remain untainted and bio-secure, as does my family. We understand that best practice is to avoid all bio-weapons exposure, whether airborne or injected.

> This shit-show had to end sometime

We should feel special, we get to witness the end.

Tucker Carlson talking about this is an important preparatory step. What comes next is military testimony from WMD experts and EcoHealth Alliance insiders before congress. This squirrel-faced prick [pic: Adam Schiff] is trying to get ahead of that with a move to pre-emptively classify any military testimony if not given with express permission from command.

You 'merkins should probably do something about that.

> We were born for this.

Aye, so it was fated. In scant months, we'll be forced into shooting at mobs of starving vaxtarded pox-zombies. Every zombie movie we've ever seen was priming us.

5 Feedback

5.1 Eugenics


They turned the US and Western Europe into literal genetic Arks. They're going to sterilize and kill the vaxxed because they just failed a high school biology test. Then the third world will starve and go to war. Then we hit 500 million left and repopulate the earth in the most recent evolutionary bottleneck to accelerate the evolution of our entire genome. The new global IQ average will be around 120, aren't you guys glad our elite are the offspring of known eugenicists?

Sounds plausible.

5.2 Rewilding the West

TheWestYearZero 2 points 51 minutes ago +2 / -0

It is substantially about hydrocarbons. We have come to the end of the cheap energy. So they have to reduce consumption and the general burden of useless eaters and lower productions costs.

They have targetted the West for elimination bcs we have the highest overheads. So they have shifted all of the production to low cost slave labor countries like China.

Once the West is shut down, they can use the Western comsumption there in Asia while at the same time use Western resources, tar sands in Canada and Venezuela, coal in Canada, the USA and Australia. And of course agricultural products.

These countries will be much cheaper to run once the population is greatly reduced and made up of just a few peon [nonwhites]. There will be no more social welfare, health education or military to support, so production costs will be very low.

The people on top will be able to continue to enjoy a fabulous modern lifestyle for a few hundred more years. They can even take hunting holidays to the newly re-wilded USA. Bison, wolves, protsine forests. Nice.

Only maybe ten or twenty millions people wil be required to maintain and run roads, ports, mines, ag farms in the USA. Probabaly many fewer. But in any case they can be brought in from China.

Brilliant man: https://communities.win/u/TheWestYearZero/?type=overview&sort=top

5.3 Race ACE2


> The ACE2 receptors of Slavs and Europeans are targeted, whereas Ashkenazis and East Asians are protected (Omicron excepted).

Is this consistent with Israeli or Chinese data? OTOMH no…

He addresses this objection. Paper:


I guess ACE2 receptivity affects disease severity.


> I guess ACE2 receptivity affects disease severity.

Perhaps the modelling suggests that, but I don't think CFRs were particularly low in Israel or China. ie it doesn't seem to bear out in practice…

China's statistics are fictitious, in general.

Israel is highly vaxxed with mRNA. Before the vaxx, reporting was pretty murky, making cross-country comparisons difficult.

Also, Israel has a lot of non-Ashkenazis.

I think it'd be more reasonable to compare Ashkenazi to white CFRs in the USA, if that data is available.


Plus they were clearly desperate to get the Pfizer vaccine; if there was some kind of engineering of the spike protein favoring the Israeli population. TPTB in Israel don't seem to have been aware of it…

Big money in vaccines, and Albert Bourla is Jewish.

Protection against spikes works against mRNA spikes and COVID19 spikes, both.

You overestimate the concern TPTB have for the cattle

5.4 ethnic profiling

5.5 40% death rise

> It's more like 84% at its maximum per Ed Dowd's numbers, for that age group.

Insurers do report 40%+ increase in death rate among policy holders. The problem is the naive way LeafAAnon extrapolated this percentage.

Deaths are typically low among policy-holders; that's how insurers make money. So vaxx sequelae can cause a large percentage increase with a relatively small number of deaths. The number of previously-healthy people anomalously dropping dead is startling for its improbability, not its sheer magnitude.

One cannot extrapolate this 40% increase to the total deathrate in Western or non-Western countries. COVID19 and vaxx sequelae compete for the same near-death sick and elderly. In countries with a shorter life expectancy, the additional per capita vaxx deaths may be only be a small percentage so far.

Thus LeafAAnon's estimate of current vaxx sequelae deathtoll, 20-25m, is exaggerated. This makes his timetable for zombie apocalypse premature. Of course, it's better to be early than late with a warning.

Actuaries know best about total death rate statistics. Someone should ask them.

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